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iSnack2.0 gets the boot!

1 comments Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Only a few days after the name of the new style of Vegemite was announced, Kraft has made a decision to change the name.

Kraft issued a press release which admits that Australian people “just don’t like the name”.

A vote will be taken to decide the new name for the spread.

I'm still hanging out for iSpread or Cheesymite!

Although, I do feel pretty sorry for the guy who came up with the iSnack2.0 name. It's got to hit hard when about 10 million people are saying that your idea sucks.

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paper dolls :)

8 comments Tuesday, September 29, 2009
As mentioned in a previous blog post, the paper doll artwork in my banner was made by Megan Isabella. She's a wonderful artist and was recently featured in Frankie magazine. She agreed to immortalise me in the style of a vintage paper doll.

This is 'me':

Here are some others that I think are cute:

Check out Megan's amazing work at her website.
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Big Day Out 2010 line up announced!

The first announcement of acts has finally been made. I'm very excited about this.

No Paul McCartney unfortunately, but some of the other acts are the epitome of excellence.

Here they are, your Big Day Out lineup for 2010!



Lily Allen.

Eskimo Joe.

plus, Groove Armada, Grinspoon, The Mars Volta, Ladyhawke, Dizzee Rascal, Karnivool, Peaches, The Temper Trap, Kasabian, Midnight Juggernauts, Rise Against, Magic Dirt, Mastodon, The Horrors, Bluejuice, Calvin Harris, Kisschasy, The Decemberists, Tame Impala and Girl Talk.

And a personal favourite of mine... Lisa Mitchell. She is stunning.

I'm putting bets on Kate Miller-Heidke and Vampire Weekend being in the 2nd or 3rd lineup announcements.. I'd die of excitement if SoKo was going to be performing.

Who's excited?! Who do you think will be in the second and third announcements?
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not too many happy little vegemites.

7 comments Monday, September 28, 2009
I'm going to keep this post short because the topic has gotten enough attention already.

As some would know, Kraft launched a campaign earlier this year to find a name for their new spread (Vegemite mixed with Cream Cheese). They announced the winner of the competition over the weekend. The name that the new spread will be known as is...


It seems that no one is happy with this name, every news article I read, people are going on about how stupid it sounds.

I have to agree with them. It's like it's an intentionally lame parody of the technological generation we live in.

I think iSuck would be a better name.

Or at the very most, iSpread2.0 would sound better, as it is a "spread", but, saying 'iSpread' could have some R Rated misconceptions.

I read on Twitter earlier, someone had posted 'I said "do you speaka my language"? He just smiled and gave me an iSnack 2.0 sandwich.' - I thought this was very amusing. I hope other people get the joke.

What do you guys think, cool or crap name?
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new layout

3 comments Sunday, September 27, 2009

As you might have noticed, I've completely changed the layout for 'Shut up, Vita'.

Big thanks to my friend Liv for creating the top banner and to Christian for pointing out the blatantly obvious in my wrongdoings of HTML coding. :)

The paper doll artwork drawing was done by Megan Isabella, I'll post her full details shortly- you'll love her work!

What do you all think of the layout? Any changes to be made?
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some people are so inhumane :(

5 comments Thursday, September 24, 2009
Today, I read a news article about a cat that was found, alive thankfully, wrapped head to tail in duct tape.

I'm sorry, but what is wrong with humanity these days? What on earth pursued a person to whip out the duct tape and wrap a poor, innocent kitty in it?! I really cannot comprehend how someone could think it would be cool or entertaining or funny etc to do this.

This article really hit me hard, probably because the cat (nicknamed Sticky) looks so much like my dear cat.

Animal cruelty really needs to stop and offenders should be given harsher punishment and sentences. Just because an animal can't talk, drive or make money doesn't mean it has any less rights than a human being. They shouldn't be treated so horribly.

Fortunately though, there are good people out there trying to put a stop to animal cruelty forever.
I'll be interviewing Elizabeth Anile, one of the founders of Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty (ATAAC) this week, so keep checking back for the feature article :)
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wild weather

5 comments Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Sydney/most of Eastern NSW got hit by a hectic dust storm this morning.

This was the view from my backyard

It was like waking up to the Apocalypse. 
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Top Three Tuesday.

6 comments Tuesday, September 22, 2009
This 'Top 3 Tuesday' is super rushed because I forgot about it.. again!
Thanks to Corrine for reminding me ;)

3. Working every single day bar Mondays for the past two weeks. Sure it's tiring and on occasion, monotonous and boring. However, bring on next pay day is all I have to say! It's the best feeling in the world to not be tied down with educational commitments. I'm trying to make the most of it before next year.

2. Finally nabbing tickets to go and see Fleetwood Mac and Kate Miller Heidke.. Obviously in separate shows ;) I'm excited beyond belief. Should be two awesome nights of music.

1. Sorry, music related *again*. But I've been hearing whispers that the one and only PAUL MCCARTNEY may be playing at the Big Day Out 2010. If this is true, I will finally be able to fulfil my lifelong dream (this is true) of being one of those screaming, hysterical, teenage girls in 1964... Except it'll be 2010. Lily Allen is also rumoured to perform which will be great too, but nothing will ever beat the absolute legend of Paul McCartney. All my dreams are coming true... :D

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sunday mornings, go for a ride.

3 comments Monday, September 21, 2009
Just wanted to do a bit of a quick survey here..

I was thinking of starting to write up a couple of feature articles/interviews with people I find interesting and/or unique... or people that have something to plug.

So what I want to know is, are you guys interested in reading interviews with people or not really?

Thanks everyone. :)

This photo was taken by my good friend Sebastian. He's such a fabulous photographer. You can have a look at his amazing photos here
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Another Kyle Sandilands outburst...

I know I really shouldn't be giving this douchebag more attention, but I can't help it.

He's like borderline psychotic now. He absolutely lost it at the 2DayFM newsreader, Geoff.
He says some pretty horrible things to the poor guy, things that shouldn't be said on live radio, or anywhere really.

Listen to the outburst here:
(I apologise for the silly advertisement first and the fact that the video starts automatically.. I'll try to fix that.)

I think that he obviously has issues going on in his life that he needs to deal with and until then, he shouldn't be on the air. It's sort of unfortunate though that 2DayFM continue to keep him on air because of the ratings he pulls in..

Agree or Disagree?
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blackbird singing in the dead of night

A little birdy got into our shop the other day and at first we couldn't catch him to put him outside.

We decided to name him and I picked the name Samson.

We left him in the shop overnight and left bread crumbs out on the desk.

The next morning when one of the girls came in to open, Samson flew down and she caught him in a cardigan. He sat there while she counted the till and then she took him outside and set him free.

He is so cute. We've never seen a bird like him before.

If anyone actually knows what species he is, please let me know :) We all really want to find out!
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somewhere over the rainbow

1 comments Sunday, September 20, 2009
I feel very slack for not blogging for a couple of days now. I'll write something (un)interesting on here tomorrow ;)

But for now, I'll post a photo I took this afternoon on my way home from work. It was storming and raining, but somehow a rainbow could still be seen amongst the ominous storm clouds.

I apologise for the horrid quality. I was trying to take the photo really quickly before the traffic light changed, in between the windscreen wipers, alongside the fact that I was inside the car and it was raining :P
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Selfish or Not?

4 comments Thursday, September 17, 2009

British backpacker Jamie Neale went missing in the Blue Mountains after a bushwalk went wrong.

He was missing for a whole 19 days and survived on "bush tucker" i.e. worms and bugs.

It was only because of the huge search process that the State Emergency Service (SES) conducted, that Jamie Neale is alive today.

After he was rescued. Channel 9's '60 Minutes' won the bidding war and Neale agreed to be interviewed for a cool $200,000.

He agreed to donate at least $100,000 to the SES. Clearly, after all they did for him, you'd think that would be in order.

Today, it was announced that Neale donated just $1500 to the SES.

I'm sorry, but what a selfish little, spoilt shit! $1500?! This organisation saved his life, he got $200,000 for being lucky, and now he's only going to give a tiny portion of that money to the organisation he owes the biggest thanks to.

If I was the person in that position, with $200,000, I would easily donate $100,000, if not more, to the SES and use the rest of the money for any medical bills required.

Is it just me, or is Jamie Neale a greedy, unappreciative, ungrateful jerk?

Story at SMH Online
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Why Obama is awesome #863

2 comments Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today, I found another reason to be down on the ground, bowing to U.S President, Barack Obama.

He called Kanye West 'a jackass'.

I don't really have a big opinion on the whole Taylor Swift debacle at the VMA's, I thought Kanye was an idiot before he ruined her moment.

Ok, you got me. I have an opinion.

I'm not all "Omg, omg, ohhh Poor Taylor!" about it, but I do think Kanye's behaviour was quite rude and inappropriate. 

Was he even on stage at the time, or did he literally walk up on stage when she won?

Listen to Obama's comments here:

What do you all think about the Kanye vs. Taylor Swift situation?
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R.I.P - Patrick Swayze... and the other 573952 people we didn't know either.

3 comments Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As I'm sure we'd all know by now, Patrick Swazye has passed away.

Yes, it is sad that he died so young and from such a horrid illness.

No, it is not right for people who didn't know him to be in absolute mourning. That's just stupid. 

For God's sake, thousands of people die every day from the same illness he did.
Thousands of CHILDREN die every day from starvation and preventable diseases.

People really need to evaluate the situation and get a bit of a reality check, I think.

This silly mourning nonsense happens every.single.time a celebrity/public figure dies.

Everyone just needs to calm down!
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this bird has flown

5 comments Sunday, September 13, 2009
I had the best weekend I've had in a looong time. I went to a Kitchen Tea Party and to 18th + 21st birthdays.

Here's some photos :)

gorgeous cupcakes made by Laura. 

fruit punch.. we all drank a little too much of it.

more cupcakes..

strawberries + marble chocolate.

lovely gingerbread cookies by laura's mum :)

I won't post many photos from the 18th + 21st as they're quite unattractive..

jelly shots.

foolish children. 

How was your weekend, lovely people? What did you get up to?
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already a keen competitor in the fame game.

5 comments Friday, September 11, 2009
I love it when people use their claim to fame before they have fame.
It's so pretentious and wrong.

So, I won't name names, but we received a phone call at work on Wednesday...
"Hello, I was wondering if I'm able to get a credit note extension as I'm in the Top 12 on Australian Idol and I'm in lock down so I can't come to the shops because I'm in the Top 12"

We explained that we can't give the authorisation for this because our manager wasn't in and we'd ring her back after we'd spoken to the manager.

"Oh okay then, it's just because I'm in the Top 12 of Australian Idol and yeah so I can't get out, because I'm in the Top 12."

One of the girls asked where she was located (perhaps their was another one of our stores nearby that she could go to)

"I'm located in the Top 12"

We said, "Yeah, but like where are you exactly?"

"In Australian Idol, the Top 12"

We said we'd ring back.

A few hours later we rang, saying that yes, we can give a two week extension.

"Oh, thank you so much, it's just really hard because I'm in the Top 12 and I really can't get there because I'm in Australian Idol."

We think it's over.

The next day.

"Hi my name is Jane Doe and I rang before because I'm in the Top 12 of Australian Idol and I was getting an extension on my credit note. I was wondering if my mum can just come and use my credit note today- actually can you please write her name down in the book so you know who she is- yep yeah, she's just going to do it because I can't get there, because I'm in the Top 12 of Australian Idol."

I did not make ANY of this up. No exaggeration. That is exactly how it went.

Guess which one of these guys already thinks they're God's gift? (Even though Andrew G does think he's God's gift.. it is not him!)

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you layed it down for all to see..

3 comments Wednesday, September 9, 2009
This is my kitty. He was named Tom but everyone just chose to refer to him as 'Puddy' for whatever reason..

We both look retarded so do ignore that... 

You should all post photos of your cute little pets.. Juliette from To The Lake posts lovely photos of her kitty Chester from time to time- he's beautiful!
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Kyle Sandilands is a massive dickhead

12 comments Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm quite confident that most of us know about the 14 year old rape revelation/lie detector test scandal that took place a few months ago on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, aired by Austereo.

Kyle Sandilands is an idiot. He says stupid things in public, things that shouldn't be said and have no place being said. Every month, he's involved in some sort of controversy.

The latest one is him making inapproriate comments in regards to Australian comic legend Magda Szubanski. For those who don't know, Magda has recently shed around 25kgs which is pretty phenomenal. This morning on air, Sandilands was claiming that Magda still has a lot of weight to lose.

"You put her in a concentration camp and you watch the weight fall," 
"Like she could be skinny."

First of all, Kyle Sandilands is not really in any position to be criticising anyone about being overweight. Especially not anyone who went through their weight loss journey in a very, very public way.
Second of all, I think it's horrid that he is using topics such as concentration camps/treatment of Jewish people as an example of what individuals should be doing to lose weight.

Magda gave a brief statement to Channel 9 this afternoon, stating "I couldn’t give two hoots about what Kyle says about me, but to trivialise what happened to people in concentration camps is abhorrent."

Well said. Obviously as she's a public figure, she's going to cop criticism off media outlets and the general public because that's how the fame game works and she's been in that game long enough to realise that. However, the issue of concentration camps and Nazi torture tactics is all too close to home for Magda. Her father is from Poland and witnessed first hand, a lot of the happenings that went on in some of the worst concentration camps.

A few sponsors of The Kyle and Jackie O Show withdrew their sponsorship from the show after the 14 year old lie detector scandal went to air. Now, following these comments many other sponsors are expected to also withdraw advertising commitments with the program.

I'd also like to make it clear that Kyle Sandilands is not the only radio shock jock who makes controversial comments such as these. He is just the only one who regularly makes it to news headlines because his audience is quite varied. Then there's people like Alan Jones who are just total right wing racists, that avoid many of their comments being publicised because a fair percentage of their audience are on par with Alan Jones' viewpoints, hence minimal complaints being made. I won't get into this anymore though.. I'll save it for another time.

Edit: As of Wednesday September 9th, Kyle has been suspended from the airwaves. The duration of said suspension has not yet been announced.

What do you think? Should Kyle be removed from air permanently?

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Happy Birthday Corrine!

My dear friend Corrine from Frock and Roll turns a lovely 22 years of age today.
Happy Birthday Corrine! I hope your day is beautiful and full of laughter. Bob said he's going to make a special delivery of pens just for you.
Love always, Axe-y. xxxxxx

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Top *Six* Tuesday

Ok, so I usually do 'Top Three Tuesday', but last week, I forgot. I was going to do it a day late but I got really lazy and thought to myself "Meh, no one will notice anyway".

Turns out a friend of mine DID notice and asked where the 'segment' was. I was literally in utter disbelief that someone actually noticed that I didn't do it. He has also requested that I do a 'super double edition' this week.

So here it is, it might not justify the term 'super', but at least it's 'double' !

6. Browsing online vintage stores. You come across some amazing, one-off items online. It's wonderful. I've found some lovely things via the ebay seller 'prettypreasevintage'. If you know of any other really good vintage sellers, please do let me know :)

5. Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. This is so great. I love it. The type I use is a pure Aloe Vera one. It's fair expensive, $40 for a litre, but it's so worth it. Excellent for your hair and you only need a tiny bit, so the litre lasts for awhile.

4. Hearing the news that the ever wonderful Kate Miller-Heidke is announcing tour dates next Friday. I absolutely love her, I will be at that concert more than likely wetting myself in pure euphoria.

3. Finding about 15 discs full of photos I'd forgotten about, including the files from one of my major works. This is part of my drama one, it's so shit, I'm embarassed as to how bad it is:

2. Reviewing the site statistics for 'shut up, vita' and discovering that I have readers from places such as Sweden, Finland, Poland, Mexico, Belgium and Slovenia! I could not believe it. I'll write another post about it and go into more detail- it's amazing!

1. Making people laugh. I think it is the best feeling in the world when you make a friend, family member or completely random person laugh. It's even better when they are literally doubled over, laughing until they cry.

I think I might do something different next week and instead of having Top 3/6 Tuesday, I might try something called 'Winners + Losers of the week'. Essentially the same thing as Top Three Tuesday except it'll be on Friday and include three negative things.. Ok so it's not really essentially the same thing, but you get my point.

What's on the top of your list this week, friends? :) 

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K-Rudd is in with the cool kids.

11 comments Saturday, September 5, 2009
We all (if we're Australian and have any interest in politics) know that Kevin Rudd & the Australian Labor Party (ALP) blitzed the 2007 election, defeating John Howard and the Liberal Party (LIB) by quite a bit.

Since that November day, Kevin Rudd's popularity and approval ratings have continued to ascend higher and higher. According to to studies conducted by The Australian, Kevin Rudd is the most popular Prime Minister that Australia's ever had.

So the underlying question begs to be asked. Why is Kevin Rudd so popular?
Is it because he's not John Howard? Perhaps it's his ability to hire marketing teams that create catchy slogans (Kevin 07)? Or is it because he has MySpace, Facebook and Twitter? What's his secret in making a super nerdy guy cool and popular?

For me, I like Kevin Rudd for a few reasons.
I agree with a lot of his policies (which I won't go into for not wanting to start a hectic debate)
I also think he's 'human'. Examples such as the NY Strip Club incident in 2003, his formulation of random words and phrases/soundbites; "Political shitstorm", "Out the back door", "Working Families", "Fair shake of the sauce bottle" etc etc, and almost any episode of The Chaser's War on Everything (and also the infamous ear wax eating in Parliament) show that he can laugh at himself, have a joke about things and not be so stern, anti social and concrete faced.. Unlike a previous PM who shall remain nameless.

And one more thing that I consider very, very important...............he doesn't wear a Wallaby tracksuit.

Let me know what you guys think, why is Kevin Rudd so popular?

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Distasteful jokes.

2 comments Friday, September 4, 2009
Today, I received my first token distastful text message about the Della Affair. It was so cringeworthy, yet amusing, I thought I must share it with you.

What happens when Belinda Neal has something cooking in the oven?

John Della Bosca whips up a tart in the bedroom.


If you guys have any other distastful Della Affair jokes to share, please leave a comment with them :)

(Photo via SMH Online)
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Celebrity Masterchef lineup announced.

3 comments Thursday, September 3, 2009
Channel 10 have finally announced the celebrities that will be competing for the title of Celebrity Masterchef.

Anna Bligh - Queensland Premier
Hmm, people criticise Kevin Rudd when he makes one appearance on Rove, saying "Shouldn't he be running the country?". Yet Anna Bligh hasn't copped any criticism yet for taking 3 months off running the state to go and cook for a bit. I think that's because maybe this country has the belief that Anna's back where she should be... in the kitchen.

(No I am not posting an entire blog about Celebrity Masterchef just so I could make that joke about women in the kitchen *ahem*... )

Alex Perry - Designer & Judge on Australia's Next Top Model

Peter Fitzsimons - Writer, Media commentator, Newspaper columnist.

Kathleen De Leon - Former member of Hi 5

Indira Naidoo- Television presenter

Eamon Sullivan - Swimmer

George Negus- Host of SBS's 'Dateline'.

Michelle Bridges - Trainer on 'The Biggest Loser' and author of health book 'Crunch time'.

For some reason, I think Michelle will suck at this. I can imagine it now "No no, this chocolate dessert is absolutely FULL OF CALORIES! George, Gary and especially you Matt, after eating this I want you to drop down and give me 50 pushups!!!!!".

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