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Selfish or Not?

British backpacker Jamie Neale went missing in the Blue Mountains after a bushwalk went wrong.

He was missing for a whole 19 days and survived on "bush tucker" i.e. worms and bugs.

It was only because of the huge search process that the State Emergency Service (SES) conducted, that Jamie Neale is alive today.

After he was rescued. Channel 9's '60 Minutes' won the bidding war and Neale agreed to be interviewed for a cool $200,000.

He agreed to donate at least $100,000 to the SES. Clearly, after all they did for him, you'd think that would be in order.

Today, it was announced that Neale donated just $1500 to the SES.

I'm sorry, but what a selfish little, spoilt shit! $1500?! This organisation saved his life, he got $200,000 for being lucky, and now he's only going to give a tiny portion of that money to the organisation he owes the biggest thanks to.

If I was the person in that position, with $200,000, I would easily donate $100,000, if not more, to the SES and use the rest of the money for any medical bills required.

Is it just me, or is Jamie Neale a greedy, unappreciative, ungrateful jerk?

Story at SMH Online


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I think the whole thing was pretty unethical, definitely. I don't agree with his decision, and I wonder if HE still will in 10 years time or so!

juliette said...

it's selfishness and ungratefulness to a whole new level. i can't believe this!

thank you for your comment :)
i'm much better now but still pretty tired most of the time.
hope you're well!

Liv8 said...

My family and I are looking towards getting a TV worth more money than what he gave to the SES. That's a poor effort.

queengilda said...

wow. oh wow, that is really quite stupid of him. he could have died or still been out there eating bugs now if not because they launched a huge search for him!