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What is wrong with people!?

5 comments Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where's the weirdest (and most inappropriate) place that you've been asked out?

A funeral? A tupperware party? Or just while you're filling your car up with petrol?

For me, it was the good old Westfield food court. By a guy I had never met or spoken to before.

I still had 20 minutes before I started work so naturally I sat down with a mango frappe and the latest Frankie magazine to kill time. So there I am, reading a very cute article on vintage teapots when a completely random guy approaches me and says "Can I sit here?" gesturing towards the seat opposite me. "Uh, sure" I reply, glancing around at the HUNDREDS of empty tables surrounding us. 

Looking back now, I don't think I've tried to think of more excuses to get out of something in my life. Before I can blurt out one of these badly thought through excuses, he starts questioning me. "Hi, my name is Simon*, what's your name?" I quickly think of the possibilities.. 'Is this guy a psycho that will track me down and kill me, or is he a stalker who already knows my name so he'll know if I'm lying to him?!'. I go with the stalker. "Umm, I'm Alex." 

He then proceeds to ask me the ever lame and stereotypical pick up line "So, do you come here often?". Might I remind you that we are in a WESTFIELD FOOD COURT. This is not a club or bar. This is an effing shopping centre. "Sometimes" I reply, hoping that this guy will go away. But no, he still persists. "Oh yeah, so do you go out much?", "Oh, not really", I reply, thinking I was awesome for dodging any questions about where I go out. Nope. "So when you do go out, where do you go?" Fuuck my life. "Um, just usually to places in Sydney. No where around here." He nods in a knowing way. "Soo.. do you go to the cinema much?" Is this guy kidding?! I'm really starting to freak out by this stage, praying that someone I know will walk past and save me but it doesn't happen. "No, I don't." 

I'm starting to sound rude and horrid but it was a creepy situation. "Oh, well, do you want to catch up and go to the cinema one night? I can pick you up and take you home and stuff." Alarm bells go off inside my head (though I was rather proud that I managed to remain cool, calm and collected on the outside) and I replied in a rather swift manner as I was standing up and leaving "Oh thanks, that's really nice of you but I'm actually seeing someone at the moment and anyway oh gosh would you just look at the time I have to go to work" "Oh, where do you work?" STALKER STALKER STALKER! "Um, just upstairs...okaygoodbye!" 

I didn't go anywhere near the food court for about 3 months.

Tell me about your creepy scenarios! Or am I the only one that attracts weirdo's like this?

*Name has been changed because I don't remember what the hell it was. 

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Pauline Hanson, I hate you.

2 comments Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Racist, xenophobe, right wing zealot and all round bad dancer Pauline Hanson has declared that she is selling her house before she moves to Britain. Only one condition. She won't have it sold to a Muslim. 

I'm not even going to do a full blog on her because she doesn't deserve anyone's time or attention, but I will say this... How about we all (plus about 200,000 other people) chuck in $15 each so we can buy her house and have it converted into an Islamic temple of worship, i.e. a mosque.

Sounds like a plan to me. 

Read the full article at

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Just a boy.

5 comments Monday, April 26, 2010

I am not liking the style of the majority of boys that I see during my daily adventures. (Now that just makes me sound like a prostitute.)

Can someone please explain to me why more boys do not dress like this? Fuuck. 

(however, I am not fond of the choice of footwear in this shot..)

images via





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Society shits me.

4 comments Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anzac Day.

I have a problem with it.

Not the actual day, or the reasoning behind the day, but the way it's presented and treated by society. I'm only going to focus on one area to cut down the abuse I'll probably receive for this blog post, so let's talk about the public holiday/retail trading hours side of it. 

If you live in Australia, there's a strong possibility that you heard the media reports about retailer K-Mart wanting to open their doors with regular trading hours on Anzac Day. Everyone was up in arms about this, saying that it showed disrespect for the diggers who lost their lives for our freedom. I agree with this to a point. I don't really think it's necessary that K-Mart is opened at 9am on Anzac Day. It's no loss to society. I mean really, are people sitting around at home going "Shit, I really need to get that tupperware container and those grey trackpants today! I need them NOW!" ? I don't think so. 

Now the example I'm about to give may vary depending on which state or territory you live in, but I'm going with NSW. Stores opened at 1pm today and closed at 5pm. I think that's more disrespectful than opening all day. We'll only close for the morning because people just have that much of a sad life that they can't go a full day without going and hanging around at a shopping centre, making impulse purchases. But it's okay, we'll open at 1pm because we showed our respect in the morning. 

Now I'm not saying that places like Coles & Woolworths should be shut all day, because yes, sometimes we do have emergencies and need to get  a few necessities. But it's not really a big deal if we can't spend the day shopping at Westfield. I'm sure we'll all be okay.

The fact that Christmas & Easter are so prominent in today's society and culturere sort of annoys me. Only 64% of Australian's identify themselves as being part of the Christian faith whilst only 9% of people go to church every Sunday. And then everyone spends Good Friday "remembering" the events that may or may not have taken place i.e. Jesus' crucifixion. Then on the Sunday everyone goes ballistic with chocolate eggs because Jesus "rose from the dead". Then in December we spend Christmas Day "celebrating" Jesus' birth. We don't even have actual scientific proof that this guy was anything other than a regular person. I'm not saying that he wasn't the son of God, nor am I saying that he was. All I'm saying is, we spend a lot of time celebrating the holiday's that don't have true meaning to a vast majority of us. 

Anzac Day is a day of commemorating the Anzac's who fought and those who fell in Gallipoli in World War 1. Over 60,000 Anzac's were killed at war, either in action or from wounds and/or diseases they attained whilst fighting. 

We know for a fact that over 60 000 people were killed at war between 1914-1921.

So let's only take half a day off for these SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE who were killed, not that long ago, but let's have 5 days (Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day) throughout the rest of the year for Jesus. A person that many of us don't even believe in, or have any faith or religion at all for that matter.

Is it just me being a wowser or is society just one massive hypocrite?

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She's still Susie from the block.

2 comments Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I know it's been blogged about a million times over but I don't give a shit so I'm going to have a massive rant about Susan Boyle.

I really like her. I think her story is pretty amazing. I love the fact that after all this press, global attention and a multi million dollar album, she still catches the bus around town. 

If you are one of the few people who have not seen her first audition on Britain's Got Talent, watch it now.  It still gives me goosebumps. It's just amazing. 

It really annoys me when critics and reporters have a go at her for being "mentally unstable". Or when they punch out their horrible gossip columns because she threw a chair or something when she didn't win Britain's Got Talent. 

Everyone who says she's a psycho needs to think about her situation.

She's this almost 50 spinster who lives in a tiny village. She didn't have a huge amount of human interaction in her life besides going to church and down to the corner store. She was hyped up to win the television show. Launched into fame. Thrown into the spotlight. Of course anyone who has been talked up that much and has the whole world believing that they're going to win something is probably going to go a bit loopy when they don't actually win. Not only do they lose, but they lose to a bunch of kids who dance. That would hit hard. 

She's not used to fame and it will probably take some getting used to. She might not even totally adjust and continue to have 'diva' outbursts for the rest of her life. 

And anyway, look at Kevin Rudd. He's been in the public eye for awhile and he still throws tantrums when he doesn't have a hairdryer. 

What do you think about Su-Bo? Love or Hate her?

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Psycho dog man, Ray Graham.. I love you.

4 comments Tuesday, April 13, 2010
This has got to be the funniest video in the world, delivered to you by the "current affairs" program ACA. This had to have been edited in as a joke or something. Surely the production staff at ACA aren't suprised that the whole country finds this hilarious.

Seriously, if you are having a crap day, week, month, year or life. This will make it all better.

I assure you that this is 100% real.
The only difference between this footage and the story that went to air is that this video has the insane dog impersonation looped three times and when it went to air on ACA, it wasn't looped. 

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petite and pretty.

4 comments Friday, April 9, 2010

I would very much like to wallpaper my bedroom and possibly every other room in my house with these beautiful photographs. 

photos by tieperfume

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"I am not an emo, I am an INDIVIDUAL", ha.

4 comments Thursday, April 8, 2010
I think that Westfield's/other shopping malls should start implementing dress standard rules like RSL clubs and other venues. For example: 'No side fringes, Spongebob backpacks or coloured hair extensions after 4pm' might be a good one to enforce.'

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No Kristov for Karl.

3 comments Monday, April 5, 2010

KARL Stefanovic has revealed he is under strict instructions not to repeat his on-air drunken antics after next month's Logies. The Today host was the talk of TV land last year when he sat down to host Today next to Lisa Wilkinson clearly the worse for wear from the awards night before.

He famously fronted up at 5.30am on little sleep and lots of vodka as the show went out live from the lobby of Melbourne's Crown Casino.

In a bid to avoid a repeat of his wild night out, Nine boss David Gyngell has insisted Stefanovic work as a red carpet reporter on the Logie night, keeping him away from all the free-flowing champagne.

"David Gyngell has put me on the red carpet with Leila McKinnon and Lisa this year so they'll be keeping an eye on me and my plan is to be in bed by a reasonable hour."

Ohh, I'm so disappointed about this decision! Karl was HILARIOUS last year when he was drunk on air. It was the best thing that's happened on the Today show to date. It was even funnier when Channel Nine attempted to use the excuse that he was really overtired and not drunk.

Watch the video here:

story via The Daily Telegraph

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Happy Easter/Chocolate eating day/super long weekend!

4 comments Sunday, April 4, 2010
Hope everyone has a fabulous Easter break :)

The following photo is from the Weekend Today show, a breakfast program in Australia.

I think that their set designer got a little bit too excited, or "eggcited" by the concept of Easter...

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I want your opinions!

0 comments Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hello dear readers :)

It would be the best thing ever if you could spare 2 minutes of your time to fill out this super short survey for me. It's designed so I can get feedback on 'shut up, vita' and ultimately make it a more interesting and fun blog.

All results are anonymous, so I won't know who the person is that tells me I'm an uncoordinated sped. :)

Thank you, it's much appreciated. ♥ ♥

photo by nirrimi

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