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listen to the wind blow...

7 comments Friday, October 23, 2009
Some more cute photos I found on flickr.

I think this one is my favourite because it's just so morally wrong.

All photos by Superbomba
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16 years old and sailing around the world.

8 comments Wednesday, October 21, 2009
The story of Jessica Watson has been difficult to miss in the media the last few months. In summary, Jessica Watson is attempting to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo and unassisted. She's 16 years old.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on this; "She's too young", "Her parents are irresponsible" etc etc.

My view on this is basically that no amount of public complaining and outrage is going to deter Jessica from the trip. For one, she's already begun the voyage but I really think all this public outcry will just make her more positive about the trip and the goal to succeed. 

I don't see why people are complaining about something that's not really got to do with any of our lives. For the people suggesting that Jessica's parents are irresponsible- Her parents are no more irresponsible than those parents who let their children underage drink/smoke, walk around late at night etc. The whole big speech about "I'd never ever let my child do something of that nature!" annoys me too. That's fine, don't let your child sail around the world but p.s. Jessica isn't actually your child. Let her parents deal with it. 

It has also been pointed out that there's danger everywhere. Jessica is probably more likely to die in a car accident going to school than what she is likely to die out at sea. Lets just say the horrible scenario of something going wrong does occur, the people that whinged about her voyage to begin with, will they draw satisfaction with the whole "I told you so"?

I think, instead of complaining and focusing on the negatives, we should think positively and wish Jessica well on her voyage. She's obviously a very strong willed and passionate young lady and I really hope she succeeds :) Jessica is such a good role model for people, males and females, young and old. Her spirit, desire to achieve and optimistic attitude is to be envied. 

You can follow Jessica's journey via her blog here

and read other information about her voyage via her website here

Good luck, Jessica :) :)

What do you guys think about Jessica's voyage?
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a follow up..

4 comments Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Last week, I wrote a blog about Style Sessions

The lady who runs these Style Sessions has come into my work a few times now and she was really super nice and sweet to me, so I thought to myself 'Ok, maybe you are being a little bit harsh on her.. it is her job after all'. I decided to go and watch one of these "Style Sessions'' and give her a bit more of a chance.

So off I went, downstairs to the show. All I really needed to see was her holding up a hair extension and saying that it will compliment any outfit. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that the hair extension was ELECTRIC BLUE.

I think I've made up my mind on the Style Sessions.

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Life Advice #327

5 comments Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Do not open a 2L bottle of semi frozen Coke Zero. Even if you think it's only a tiny little bit frozen.

Please excuse me while I go and hose down my house now.

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just a little note..

1 comments Monday, October 12, 2009
I'm not sure how many of you read the blog 'To The Lake' written by the wonderful Juliette, but this is just a post to let you know that her blog has changed URLs. She can now be found at where the wild wolves dream.

Juliette is a wonderful writer and posts some amazing photographs.
Even if you weren't a previous reader, you should be a current reader! :)

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Alexander's a Downer.


Alexander Downer (former Foreign Minister of Australia) has made comments saying that Barack Obama should not have been given the Nobel Peace Prize. He writes in AdelaideNow "This was a very bad decision and Barack Obama should have been man enough to refuse the prize." Downer also says "he would have helped preserve the integrity of the Nobel Peace Prize and also demonstrate a disarming degree of modesty."

Pft, Shut up, Downer. As long as this photo exists, I'm not listening to you.

Read all of Downer's comments at Adelaide Now
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Are 'Style Sessions' really necessary?

This is more of a personal complaint than an insightful investigation into some sort of media mishap.

I work in a fashion chain that's within a Westfield shopping centre. (To non Australian readers, Westfield are the major shopping centre/mall outlets in the country). As of the last few weeks, some random lady has been conducting 'Style Sessions' within the centre. These are basically when she gets up on stage with a microphone and a rack of clothes/accessories and tells every person watching that they're wearing the wrong clothes, basically that they look like shit and they should go and buy exactly what she tells them to.                                                   

These 'Style Sessions' would be fine if it was something along the lines of helping people choose the right jeans to fit their body type, but it's really not.
               Trinny and Susannah
So my point is, why should we be telling people what they should and shouldn't wear? We're not 3 years old anymore, Can't we all decide for ourselves what we're comfortable in and what style of clothing we like? Life's too short to worry about what other people think of our outfits. What happened to the term 'individuality'?

And as for the lady who runs these 'Style Sessions' and walks around Westfield like she's God's gift to the fashion world, I'd like to write her a letter;

Dear Annoying Westfield Style Sessions lady,
You are not Trinny and/or Susannah,
You also don't own the centre.
So, shut up.
Much love, x.

(The 'Fashion Stylist' I've been talking about also has a website. She announces that she'll send you style notes every month for the small fee of $49. I'm contemplating whether or not I should post the link to her website...)

What do you all think? Are these 'Style Sessions' a stupid idea or do you swing to the other side and think that they're good value?
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Were your parents as awesome as this?

5 comments Saturday, October 10, 2009
Found my new favourite website, 'My Parents Were Awesome'
There's only one way to describe the photos featured here; awesome.

Here's some of my favourites:

How good are these photos?! You can also submit photos of your parents from "back in the day" to be published.
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Outrage over 'Hey Hey it's Saturday'

2 comments Friday, October 9, 2009

Apparently there's been outrage over a skit played last Wednesday's episode of 'Hey Hey, It's Saturday!'. Something to do with racism and Michael Jackson. Apparently it was unfunny which is pretty much on par with the format of 'Hey Hey, it's Saturday!'. Personally, I think everyone should be more offended by the fact that Daryl Somers has been allowed back on air than offended by the skit they played. 

I've been asked why I haven't written a blog about the whole "controversy" yet. Just so you can all sleep tonight, it's because I never watched 'Hey Hey, It's Saturday!' when it aired all those years ago so I didn't feel the need to watch the special reunion episodes. (I have a firm belief that 'Hey Hey' was axed for a reason and that Daryl Somers has the stage presence of a plank of wood. The plank of wood probably has more character.) 

So I guess with issues like this, I like to actually see the "controversy" first hand before it's been reported on by any media outlets. Otherwise I've already got someone else's biased opinion in my head. I'd prefer to draw my own ridiculous conclusions from such things :) 

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Sydney Big Day Out- did you get tickets?

4 comments Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anyone who was waiting up till midnight on Tuesday night to snap up tickets for the Sydney Big Day Out would know that Ticketmaster made a massive mistake. Tickets went on sale at 9pm via Ticketmaster when they were due to go on sale at 9am the following morning. 50,000 tickets were available and were all sold out by around 10.30pm when Ticketmaster realised what had happened.

By the time 9am Wednesday morning rolled around and the tickets went 'on sale', there were no tickets to actually go 'on sale'.

Tickets were also available via the Big Day Out website at midnight. So many people missed out then too because of slow internet and the demand on the BDO website caused it to run super slow. (Obligatory gloat: I got tickets with no problems, so I am ecstatic.)

The organisers have announced a second Sydney BDO event to compensate for the technical glitch. I think this is the stupidest idea ever. Firstly, everyone will have half their friends at one show and half at the other. Secondly, there's no way that they'll sell out two BDO's in one city. Thirdly, all the bands/singers/DJs will be so screwed from the first day, the second day they'll just be out of it.

Agree/Disagree? What do you guys think and did you get tickets?
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the things people do for fashion..

0 comments Wednesday, October 7, 2009
I went vintage shopping today and stumbled across these shoes. I have one word to say: hectic.

They look like something that a Ladyboy from Thailand would wear.

(NO. I did not buy them! I also only had my phone with me and the room was dark, I apologise for crap quality photo.)
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Wherever you are.. I want to know!

4 comments Tuesday, October 6, 2009
I was looking through my site statistics recently (aka, seeing how many people actually read my whinging) and I discovered that I get quite a few hits from all these exotic overseas locations.

Apparently people from the USA, UK, Sweden, Slovenia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Romania (+ more!) come on here and see what's been going on in Australia.

If you're one of these people, please leave a comment and tell me where you're from :) I like hearing from my readers.

(Even if you live in Australia, let me know where you're from too... I'm now bordering on sounding like a stalker)

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Hitler unhappy with Kraft's marketing department..

4 comments Friday, October 2, 2009
I know that I really need to get over this iSnack 2.0 thing.


This clip was posted on YouTube recently. It's titled "Hitler finds out about iSnack2.0". It is very funny and I wish I was the person who wrote it.

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Break up via Bilgola.

6 comments Thursday, October 1, 2009
These signs were put up along the Bilgola Bends on Sydney's Northern Beaches yesterday. It's either very, very cruel or very, very funny.

It reminds me so much of this sketch:

Photos via The Daily Telegraph.
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