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16 years old and sailing around the world.

The story of Jessica Watson has been difficult to miss in the media the last few months. In summary, Jessica Watson is attempting to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo and unassisted. She's 16 years old.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on this; "She's too young", "Her parents are irresponsible" etc etc.

My view on this is basically that no amount of public complaining and outrage is going to deter Jessica from the trip. For one, she's already begun the voyage but I really think all this public outcry will just make her more positive about the trip and the goal to succeed. 

I don't see why people are complaining about something that's not really got to do with any of our lives. For the people suggesting that Jessica's parents are irresponsible- Her parents are no more irresponsible than those parents who let their children underage drink/smoke, walk around late at night etc. The whole big speech about "I'd never ever let my child do something of that nature!" annoys me too. That's fine, don't let your child sail around the world but p.s. Jessica isn't actually your child. Let her parents deal with it. 

It has also been pointed out that there's danger everywhere. Jessica is probably more likely to die in a car accident going to school than what she is likely to die out at sea. Lets just say the horrible scenario of something going wrong does occur, the people that whinged about her voyage to begin with, will they draw satisfaction with the whole "I told you so"?

I think, instead of complaining and focusing on the negatives, we should think positively and wish Jessica well on her voyage. She's obviously a very strong willed and passionate young lady and I really hope she succeeds :) Jessica is such a good role model for people, males and females, young and old. Her spirit, desire to achieve and optimistic attitude is to be envied. 

You can follow Jessica's journey via her blog here

and read other information about her voyage via her website here

Good luck, Jessica :) :)

What do you guys think about Jessica's voyage?


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i agree! if my daughter turned out like that, id be so proud. irresponsible??! pfft. highschool isn't the be all and end of all education, its actually kinda useless looking back. not the kinda thing i'd want to do, but good on her!

the wild wolves said...

Kudos to her. She's extremely brave and I think she can do it, and I don't think she would go if she knew she couldn't. I can hardly not vomit on a boat let alone sail around the world by myself haha. Good luck to her!

Miss Peregrin said...

I reckon this girl is awesome! I know I'd rather my daughter was out "endangering her life" doing this rather than giving herself alcohol poisoning every weekend at house parties.

Suzy said...

um, omg, is her boat really pink? RULES.

A. said...

Well said Miss Peregrin re; the comment about different ways of "endangering her life". That's so true.

Suzy- Yup! Her boat is really pink :D Her voyage is sponsored by Ella Bache which is a cosmetic company :)

Natalie said...

wow, i would love to be her and sail all around the world. what an adventure! :)


the wild wolves said...

thanks so much for your comment lovely :)
i'm so glad you can still visit though, i thought i'd be all alone on here!
hope you're having a great day

5ft0 said...

All I can say is Jessica Watson was so much more braver than I was when I was 16. I was more concerned with purchasing the latest Roxy jackets than sailing around the world.