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Link ♥ Love.

5 comments Friday, May 28, 2010

Who knew that ‘Daisy’ came from ‘Margaret’? 

The origins of nicknames.

Finally, someone backs up my ‘making your bed is a waste of time’ theory with actual scientific evidence. 

Is making your bed unhealthy?

 Another reason to not throw out clothes that you never wear!

Corrine’s style challenge @ Frock & Roll

Amusing photos that make you never want to have children, or go near children ever again 

Shit my kids ruined

This is cute, but number 1 on the list has been proved wrong by my second link from the top 

Twenty easy ways to be happier

It's official, Lady Gaga has no boybits. 

She's aaallllll woman. Apparently.

image by nirrimi

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iPad's are for losers.

4 comments Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apple's iPad goes on sale tomorrow in Australia and people are already queuing up to be the first to purchase it.

I have a strong belief that these people are losers.

I don't understand why people feel the absolute need to be the first to have something. Does it really matter if they go and get theirs on Saturday? I'm sure they'll be okay if they get it a day after the release.

Earlier on today, a friend suggested that this was exactly the same as lining up for concert tickets. I had to disagree. Concert tickets are for a one off event and if you don't get them straight away, you could miss out all together. The iPad will be around for awhile. People will have every opportunity in the world to purchase one. 

Are people's lives really that boring and uneventful that they feel the need to stand around in the city on a freezing night, waiting to purchase a new gadget (which I personally believe is a stupid invention anyway)?

Do people do this to imply that they actually do something? In an 'Oh look at me, I queued up all night to get the iPad first' sort of way. What does this actually achieve for them? Popularity and social status? Maybe for 30 seconds.

They're surely not going to be remembered as being cool because they lined up to get an oversized iPhone that can't make telephone calls.

Seems a bit silly to me. 

Edit: There have been news stories claiming that people lined up at the George St Apple store in Sydney, not knowing that a JB Hi-Fi store metres away was also selling the iPad... along with about 40 other stores in Sydney. Are these people stupid?! As if that wasn't obvious. iPad queue waiters are lame. 

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The ABC is full of kooks

2 comments Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is just bizarre. I frigging love the way the ABC works. So dysfunctional yet so fabulous.

ps, I heart Kerry O'Brien and Tony Jones. 

Reports last month revealed the Lego was made available to ABC staff to play with while they waited in the cafe queue at one of the broadcaster's Sydney offices.

The introduction of the Lego blocks was just one of numerous promotions around the country aimed at drawing ideas from staff to boost innovation at the ABC.

"I think the long-suffering taxpayer that funds the ABC might be interested to know what the cost was," Senator Abetz said.

"Plasticine might have been cheaper, I don't know, or finger painting."

Mr Scott was unable to say if the ABC had paid for the Lego or not, but he defended the initiative as a very important idea aimed at promoting innovation among ABC staff.

"We have innovation as part of the core values at the ABC," he said.

Senator Abetz said promoting a culture of innovation at the ABC was not in question.

"What is in question is the, if I might be polite and use the word bizarre, methodology, to provide building blocks, building Lego blocks, in the cafeteria for staff members to play with to enhance their creativity," he said.

Story via The Daily Telegraph

Tell me, does your workplace have any 'unusual' concepts for productivity implemented in your office cafeteria?

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4 comments Sunday, May 23, 2010
I feel so terribly slack for not having posted here in over a week!
It is a very rare occurance that I cannot find some tabloid material to whinge about. 

Here's some pretty photos of Jenica & Brent's engagement taken by Sloan Photographers.

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Pornography for confectioners

4 comments Thursday, May 13, 2010
I don't know what it is about confectionary, but it always ends up offending someone.

You may remember this story about the fruit lollies which appeared to be engaging in sex acts.

The new offensive lolly is this, lo and behold the R Rated jellybaby!

Lyz Parker, 23, found him in a bag of Candy King she got at Tesco Home Plus in Staines, Middlesex.

She said: "When I opened the bag I screamed so loudly the whole office came running over. I couldn't believe my eyes."

Lyz, from Camberley, Surrey, called Candy King but at first they thought it was a prank call. The firm is now investigating, and said yesterday: "Clearly this is not part of Candy King's assortment."

Tesco added: "We expect better behaviour from our jelly sweets. We'll raise it with the supplier."


Story via The Sun UK

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What I Wore - Groovin the Moo edition.

5 comments Wednesday, May 12, 2010
I went to the Groovin' The Moo festival (yes, I thought the name was retarded too) last weekend. It featured the likes of Vampire Weekend, Silverchair, Tegan and Sara, Empire of the Sun and Lisa Mitchell.  It was a great day but then by night time it got down to about 7 degrees celsius so that was not fun.

Seeing as how I've been meaning to do one of these for ages, it's obviously a really intelligent idea for me to do it when I have no more than two photos of my outfit and they are both terrible. Oh well. Here we go.

Trying to balance on tree roots.. ended up slipping over just after photo was taken. 

I have absolutely no idea why I am standing in this pose of absolute retardation.. or why one of my legs is abnormally skinnier than the other.

Outfit rundown:

Shorts - Vintage Lee jeans that I cut, distressed and put studs into.
Floral overshirt - Vintage.
Black top - Supre or somewhere.
Boots - Vintage Doc Marten style from eBay.
Stockings - David Jones. 
Accessories - A mixture of vintage ones and ones from places like Diva. 

That's about it for my first 'What I Wore' post.. I'll try and get more/better photos for the next one!

What are *you* wearing this week? x

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Not a foundation bottle in sight.

4 comments Friday, May 7, 2010

Ricki Lee Coulter au naturale:

Most magazines say "These photos were not retouched", but then they pack about 40 layers of makeup onto the model.

50 points go to WHO Magazine for not using any makeup at all. 

Yes. I think I will be buying this issue.
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Catherine Deveny sacked after Logies tweets.

5 comments Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Since Twitter really took off in the last few years, the Logie awards in Australia have always been an amusing event to watch whilst reading tweets sent out by people who are there or even just people watching at home.

Last year, comedians Wil Anderson, Dom Knight, Julian Morrow and Dave Hughes landed themselves in hot water after tweeting several "offensive" statements about the show, Gretel Killeen who was hosting, and various award winners.

This year was no exception. Wil Anderson got slammed again by the media as did Catherine Deveny. Catherine is primarily known for being a columnist for The Age in Melbourne and definitely doesn't water down her comments.

Tonight it was announced that she was sacked from The Age following what she wrote on Twitter on Logies night.

I think this is ridiculous. Sure, what she said may not be everyone's cup of tea but the beauty of Twitter is the two magical words 'Follow' and 'Unfollow'. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it. Everything is a choice and everyone that has been offended by these comments, it's their own fault for reading past the first one. She published these comments on Twitter, not in her Age column. Why should she lose her job over this? Hardly seems fair.

I think Catherine is great. Freedom of speech is lacking and she is making up for it. The world is full of precious morons who go looking for things to be offended by.

Long live Deveny!

Find her on Twitter here

Here's her "offensive" Logies tweets and then her defense as published in SMH online.

" Today, Deveny stood by her comment about the 11-year-old, saying she was using satire "to expose celebrity raunch culture and the sexual objectification of women, which is rife on the red carpet".
"It was just passing notes in class, but suddenly these notes are being projected into the sky and taken out of context," she said.
"This [the Bindi Irwin comment] was a ludicrous remark that was as ridiculous as me saying I hope the dog that Molly Meldrum brought with him got drunk." "

" "I meant every single word," Deveny said today.
"I love Rove. I worked for Rove for five years. I've publicly said and printed I would take a bullet for him. He endorsed my first book on the front cover.
"They looked really sweet. I do hope that Tasma doesn't die and I hope that Rove doesn't die ... I absolutely meant it." "

What do you guys think? Were you offended by any of Catherine's (or anyone else's) Logies tweets? Do you agree or disagree with the statement 'if you don't like it, don't read it'?
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Here's one young woman, set to change the world...

1 comments Sunday, May 2, 2010

I would say that 99% of people in the world are opposed to animal cruelty. Most of us would lend our support to a cause as great as this, but many of us aren't really sure how we can help out. I was fortunate enough to interview Elizabeth Anile, a co founder of ATAAC ("Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty".. I know the majority of you readers aren't teenagers so for the purpose of this article, you can pretend it's "Australian Twentysomethings Against Animal Cruelty"). 

As a youngin' Elizabeth grew up having compassion and respect for all animals. It wasn't until she was 16 years old that she realised that "there was no difference between the lamb on my plate and my beautiful Labrador dog sitting at my feet." After realising this, it prompted Elizabeth to become a vegetarian and inspired her to do more to help and care for all animals.

After volunteering for a number of animal groups in Victoria, she realised that there wasn't one single youth group against animal cruelty run by youths. Elizabeth spoke out to other teenagers and discovered that many of them were too intimidated to ask for advice about vegetarianism or weren't 100% sure of how they can actively be involved with helping to eradicate "horrific issues such as whaling". 

Elizabeth got together with buddy Andrew Glover and decided to combine everything they knew about animal rights and vegetarianism and created ATAAC. Elizabeth describes ATAAC as "an educational group that is dedicated to providing the youth of Australia with the facts of a range of animal issues; from factory farming to the dancing bears in India to the street dogs of Bulgaria."

"ATAAC believes that education is the key to prevention" Elizabeth says, "We research and gather information and project it to our readers so that they in turn can make an informed and educated decision." 

Elizabeth and Andrew have had many people contact them saying that they weren't aware of the treatment of farm animals and once being educated on these subjects they've made the decision to ditch the meat and go vego. 

You too can help end the horrid treatment of so many animals today. Even if you feel like you're not doing much, every little bit counts! 

Here's a few quick tips from Elizabeth:

1) Become a vegetarian. The average vegetarian saves the lives of 95 animals per year. By making the decision of cutting meat out of your diet, you are responsible for saving the lives of so many animals that otherwise would be subjected to mistreatment in factory farms and slaughter houses.


2) Get involved! Contact an animal organisation that you are most interested in and start volunteering your time. There are so many amazing organisations out there that need all the support they can get. 


3) Donate money. ATAAC donates money to many charities and organisations all over the world. ATAAC's fundraising efforts alone have helped street dogs and cats in India, Egypt, Bulgaria and Spain from abuse and mistreatment and assisted with vaccination and desexing campaigns. The list of charities we have donated to can be found on our website, if anyone else wants to get involved, has any ideas or can help us fundraise please contact us!

Visit the ATAAC website

Become a fan on Facebook

Elizabeth and Andrew have also just returned from a trip to India where they filmed a feature length documentary about animal welfare. To read all about their trip & see some amazing photos, visit their blog.

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