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Not a foundation bottle in sight.

Ricki Lee Coulter au naturale:

Most magazines say "These photos were not retouched", but then they pack about 40 layers of makeup onto the model.

50 points go to WHO Magazine for not using any makeup at all. 

Yes. I think I will be buying this issue.


Katie said...

her frekles are so gorgeous she looks gorgeous without make-up! x

Miss Peregrin said...

You know what I don't understand? Why would you want to layer make-up onto these people anyway? Rikki-Lee is amazingly beautiful without anything, and so are the other women. I might even buy this issue of WHO just to support the no-makeup-ness.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I've never understood the argument that men supposedly find women more beautiful without make-up (my boyfriend says this to me all the time, to which I ask him if he's decided to take up drugs), but honestly, after seeing these pictures? I GET IT! They all look so beautiful, and 1,0000 times more so WITHOUT the bottle of foundation in sight!

pinkapplecore said...

wow, and you know what they still look beautiful...i rather see this than digital alterations