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Australia Votes.

5 comments Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If you’re currently residing in Australia you’d know that the Federal Election is being held this Saturday 21st August. It’s come down to the wire- Julia Gillard (ALP) vs Tony Abbott (LNP).

Please don’t waste your vote. People in other countries go to war over their right to vote. It’s something that we shouldn’t take for granted.  It so depresses me when people say that they’re just going to tick any name or put in a blank ballot sheet (Mark Latham, I’m looking at you).

As the anti Abbott propaganda all over my blog may suggest, I will not be voting for the Coalition on Saturday and I urge you to do the same.  I’m not saying that you have to vote for Labor/Julia Gillard, I’m just saying don't vote for Liberals/Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott is living in the 1850's. He has no idea about anything and is currently acting like a 5 year old by refusing a debate on the economy. He's refusing this because he has NO economic plan for Australia. 

Please watch this video, it only goes for 1 minute and will really open your eyes up to the backwards, racist, sexist and brainwashed culture that Abbott wants for this nation.

Please, please, please don't vote for Tony Abbott.

I also think that this anecdote is relevant.

'Tony Abbott, the man who on Sunday may be in charge of Australia's $1.3 trillion economy, actually slept through the most important economic vote in living memory. That's right, as the Federal Parliament debated Federal Labor's stimulus package, Mr Abbott was asleep in his office.'

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~ Music Monday

3 comments Monday, August 16, 2010
It's that time of week again, girlies (and guys too of course. I don't think any guys read this though. Actually, if you're a guy -and not Tony Abbott- could you please leave a comment, thanks x) for me to inflict my musical preferences upon your unwilling, innocent souls.

What sort of music do you like? I'm pretty varied in my music taste but I must say that death metal/screamo and rap will never have any place in my life. Yick.
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1 comments Sunday, August 8, 2010
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Link ♥ Love.

1 comments Friday, August 6, 2010

How to survive that 'fancy pants' event, amusing but insightful tips by the always wonderful Corrine at Frock & Roll.

Another fabulous article by Gala Darling; Gossip Girl On Acid

Don't try and tell me that this video isn't powerful.

Bravo Catherine Deveny on this beautifully written article. Amazing stuff.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid) gives us amazing interesting advice

and finally,

Oh yes, someone went there.


image via we heart it.
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Lily Allen is up the duff!

Lily Allen and partner Sam Cooper have confirmed that they'll soon be hearing the pitterpatter of tiny feet! Though, I'm sure there'll be copious amounts of screaming before the pitterpattering occurs.

The couple say that they are "absolutely delighted" and that Lily recently had her 3 month scan.

I'm willing to bet that her baby's first word is more than likely going to be 'fuck'.

Congratulations to the happy couple :)
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~ Music Monday

1 comments Monday, August 2, 2010
Here's a mixture of songs that are on high rotation of my iTunes at present. 
I'll try and make this a regular theme of blog post if you guys are interested in knowing what I screech along to while I speed drive safely down the freeway.

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Lisa Simpson apparently got married yesterday.

I know I'm a day late if you're in this timezone, but how cool is this? 

Congratulations to the happy couple...
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