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The ABC is full of kooks

This is just bizarre. I frigging love the way the ABC works. So dysfunctional yet so fabulous.

ps, I heart Kerry O'Brien and Tony Jones. 

Reports last month revealed the Lego was made available to ABC staff to play with while they waited in the cafe queue at one of the broadcaster's Sydney offices.

The introduction of the Lego blocks was just one of numerous promotions around the country aimed at drawing ideas from staff to boost innovation at the ABC.

"I think the long-suffering taxpayer that funds the ABC might be interested to know what the cost was," Senator Abetz said.

"Plasticine might have been cheaper, I don't know, or finger painting."

Mr Scott was unable to say if the ABC had paid for the Lego or not, but he defended the initiative as a very important idea aimed at promoting innovation among ABC staff.

"We have innovation as part of the core values at the ABC," he said.

Senator Abetz said promoting a culture of innovation at the ABC was not in question.

"What is in question is the, if I might be polite and use the word bizarre, methodology, to provide building blocks, building Lego blocks, in the cafeteria for staff members to play with to enhance their creativity," he said.

Story via The Daily Telegraph

Tell me, does your workplace have any 'unusual' concepts for productivity implemented in your office cafeteria?


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

lego is awesome, i want to work for the ABC! hahah

Miss Peregrin said...

Hahaha, I think I'll go work for the ABC too! Those crazy kooks. Imagine it!

"Why are you playing with that lego instead of working?"
"Oh, you know, I'm just giving my creativity a boost."