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iPad's are for losers.

Apple's iPad goes on sale tomorrow in Australia and people are already queuing up to be the first to purchase it.

I have a strong belief that these people are losers.

I don't understand why people feel the absolute need to be the first to have something. Does it really matter if they go and get theirs on Saturday? I'm sure they'll be okay if they get it a day after the release.

Earlier on today, a friend suggested that this was exactly the same as lining up for concert tickets. I had to disagree. Concert tickets are for a one off event and if you don't get them straight away, you could miss out all together. The iPad will be around for awhile. People will have every opportunity in the world to purchase one. 

Are people's lives really that boring and uneventful that they feel the need to stand around in the city on a freezing night, waiting to purchase a new gadget (which I personally believe is a stupid invention anyway)?

Do people do this to imply that they actually do something? In an 'Oh look at me, I queued up all night to get the iPad first' sort of way. What does this actually achieve for them? Popularity and social status? Maybe for 30 seconds.

They're surely not going to be remembered as being cool because they lined up to get an oversized iPhone that can't make telephone calls.

Seems a bit silly to me. 

Edit: There have been news stories claiming that people lined up at the George St Apple store in Sydney, not knowing that a JB Hi-Fi store metres away was also selling the iPad... along with about 40 other stores in Sydney. Are these people stupid?! As if that wasn't obvious. iPad queue waiters are lame. 


Hannah said...

iPhone that can't make telephone calls = iPod Touch.

The next gen iPod Touch and iPhone should be announced in July and released in September, and will be new and better. Poor iPad-purchasing suckers.

Julie said...

My thoughts exactly Alex.

I'm a technology geek and lover but I wouldn't pay for an oversized iPod Touch. It seems pointless but, what can you do if people want them?

Those Apple fanpeople, I will never understand them.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend lined up 2 days in advance for when the Apple store opened on George st. This was before we were going out. If we were going out at the time, I probably would have dumped him haha. That's sooo sad, I make fun of it all the time.

Hence, why I'm staying Anonymous in case he reads this :) But even if he did, he'd know it's me saying this. Damn.

Kez said...

Hahahaha, I really don't get the appeal myself. Not just in the waiting thing, but in the ipad itself. Sounds like a big itouch combined with a tiny laptop. BORING.
EXPENSIVE. Who cares?!

Hope my comment hasn't offended anyone!!!