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Alexander's a Downer.

Alexander Downer (former Foreign Minister of Australia) has made comments saying that Barack Obama should not have been given the Nobel Peace Prize. He writes in AdelaideNow "This was a very bad decision and Barack Obama should have been man enough to refuse the prize." Downer also says "he would have helped preserve the integrity of the Nobel Peace Prize and also demonstrate a disarming degree of modesty."

Pft, Shut up, Downer. As long as this photo exists, I'm not listening to you.

Read all of Downer's comments at Adelaide Now


juliette said...

hahah! amazing post!

Adele said...

I went to a UN Youth Conferencw when I was in high school and Downer was a guest speaker. After an hour of his wankery I wanted to punch him in the baby maker. He is such a self-absorbed git. He essentially told us that the UN is totally useless and doesn't get anything done. Nice work, fucktard.

Coco said...

I don't necessarily agree with everything Downer says but I think he made a good point about it being patronising toward African-Americans...and isn't Obama sending more troops to the Middle East anyway? Doesn't sound very peaceful to me.

5ft0 said...

I was surprised when Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize award. He is exactly like President George Bush, sending more soldiers to fight the war against terror.

As for Alexander Downer, that guy should win a gold medal for whinging, if there was one.