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Are 'Style Sessions' really necessary?

This is more of a personal complaint than an insightful investigation into some sort of media mishap.

I work in a fashion chain that's within a Westfield shopping centre. (To non Australian readers, Westfield are the major shopping centre/mall outlets in the country). As of the last few weeks, some random lady has been conducting 'Style Sessions' within the centre. These are basically when she gets up on stage with a microphone and a rack of clothes/accessories and tells every person watching that they're wearing the wrong clothes, basically that they look like shit and they should go and buy exactly what she tells them to.                                                   

These 'Style Sessions' would be fine if it was something along the lines of helping people choose the right jeans to fit their body type, but it's really not.
               Trinny and Susannah
So my point is, why should we be telling people what they should and shouldn't wear? We're not 3 years old anymore, Can't we all decide for ourselves what we're comfortable in and what style of clothing we like? Life's too short to worry about what other people think of our outfits. What happened to the term 'individuality'?

And as for the lady who runs these 'Style Sessions' and walks around Westfield like she's God's gift to the fashion world, I'd like to write her a letter;

Dear Annoying Westfield Style Sessions lady,
You are not Trinny and/or Susannah,
You also don't own the centre.
So, shut up.
Much love, x.

(The 'Fashion Stylist' I've been talking about also has a website. She announces that she'll send you style notes every month for the small fee of $49. I'm contemplating whether or not I should post the link to her website...)

What do you all think? Are these 'Style Sessions' a stupid idea or do you swing to the other side and think that they're good value?


Liv8 said...

I personally agree with everything you said because I'm all for individuality and not wearing what everyone else thinks is fashionable.

Middle aged women though want to find some sort of outfit that
a) doesn't make them look like they're old farts
b) make them look like they're trying to be young again

So for those that want tips, it's a good idea I think.

juliette said...

ergh, i can just imagine your frustration at this woman, and i think it's wrong. i agree with you, she shouldn't have the right to judge someone because of the clothes they're wearing!
so silly.

p.s. alex, that is such a lovely gesture! if you're sure that would be great, but if not that is absolutely fine :)

Carly said...

If it was being done in a helpful way then I'm all for it, but if it's just to promote her website ($49 for style tips? Really?) & make people feel bad about themselves, leading them to her website & pumping the sales of various stores in the forum no doubt, then I say burn the witch.

PS - Link, plz. Even if you just twitter it =]

Kez said...

I think they could be helpful to those who aren't entirely sure what is flattering for them or if they want a new look but don't know how to go about it...

However, the cynical part of me (that overrides the above 'me') says that it's obviously just a way for this lady to help the shopping centre out by making people buy things that they probably didn't need, therefore it is in her best interests to tell EVERYONE they are wearing the wrong thing because it's all about profit...

A. said...

Kez, she actually came into my work too and asked us if we think the Style Sessions are improving sales. Our manager was like "Umm.. well... maybe a little bit..." and then this lady was like "Aw okay well can you just pass that on to Centre Management, because you know, if it's helping sales, they'll let me keep doing these workshops".

Seriously, she is so money hungry haha.

Miss Peregrin said...

All I can say is: Pfft, bitch please(Directed at crazy style sessions lady, not you). I hate people who offer style advice by first ragging on what people choose to wear. Build people up, don't tear them down!

Coco said...

I've never understood the concept of personal styling. The thing about style is that it's organic, and it's PERSONAL - if somebody else is telling you what to wear, then it isn't really style at all!