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Sydney Big Day Out- did you get tickets?

Anyone who was waiting up till midnight on Tuesday night to snap up tickets for the Sydney Big Day Out would know that Ticketmaster made a massive mistake. Tickets went on sale at 9pm via Ticketmaster when they were due to go on sale at 9am the following morning. 50,000 tickets were available and were all sold out by around 10.30pm when Ticketmaster realised what had happened.

By the time 9am Wednesday morning rolled around and the tickets went 'on sale', there were no tickets to actually go 'on sale'.

Tickets were also available via the Big Day Out website at midnight. So many people missed out then too because of slow internet and the demand on the BDO website caused it to run super slow. (Obligatory gloat: I got tickets with no problems, so I am ecstatic.)

The organisers have announced a second Sydney BDO event to compensate for the technical glitch. I think this is the stupidest idea ever. Firstly, everyone will have half their friends at one show and half at the other. Secondly, there's no way that they'll sell out two BDO's in one city. Thirdly, all the bands/singers/DJs will be so screwed from the first day, the second day they'll just be out of it.

Agree/Disagree? What do you guys think and did you get tickets?


Vita said...

They wouldn't do a second day if it wasn't going to be popular
and I think the main reason for the new show is scalpers go on eBay check out how many tickets are on sale for 200+ dollars

A. said...

it'll be popular, it just won't sell out I don't think :)

Liz.. said...

i missed out on tickets for the first one :( i was so keen! so glad theyve announced the second one which i MUST GET TICKETS TO! the first day was on my birthday so for some reason i thought i'd have a better chance at getting a ticket lol nope. Apparently the second day (23rd jan) is the 100th BDO so it will be somehow a special day and hopefully the lineup wont be too tired. Most of my friends also missed out so we will all be together at the second show!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I think it probably will sell out, everyone seems to be going to one of the events and they're always massively popular!