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Outrage over 'Hey Hey it's Saturday'

Apparently there's been outrage over a skit played last Wednesday's episode of 'Hey Hey, It's Saturday!'. Something to do with racism and Michael Jackson. Apparently it was unfunny which is pretty much on par with the format of 'Hey Hey, it's Saturday!'. Personally, I think everyone should be more offended by the fact that Daryl Somers has been allowed back on air than offended by the skit they played. 

I've been asked why I haven't written a blog about the whole "controversy" yet. Just so you can all sleep tonight, it's because I never watched 'Hey Hey, It's Saturday!' when it aired all those years ago so I didn't feel the need to watch the special reunion episodes. (I have a firm belief that 'Hey Hey' was axed for a reason and that Daryl Somers has the stage presence of a plank of wood. The plank of wood probably has more character.) 

So I guess with issues like this, I like to actually see the "controversy" first hand before it's been reported on by any media outlets. Otherwise I've already got someone else's biased opinion in my head. I'd prefer to draw my own ridiculous conclusions from such things :) 


5ft0 said...

Just YouTube it!

Though I got to say that PBL Media are having an interesting week. From the Hey Hey debacle on Nine to the launch of Your Body at ACP - it's certainly been an interesting week for the company.

Miss Peregrin said...

I used to watch Hey Hey It's Saturday. It probably says something about the charisma of Daryl Somers that my favourite part was that wig on a stick dude.