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Wherever you are.. I want to know!

I was looking through my site statistics recently (aka, seeing how many people actually read my whinging) and I discovered that I get quite a few hits from all these exotic overseas locations.

Apparently people from the USA, UK, Sweden, Slovenia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Romania (+ more!) come on here and see what's been going on in Australia.

If you're one of these people, please leave a comment and tell me where you're from :) I like hearing from my readers.

(Even if you live in Australia, let me know where you're from too... I'm now bordering on sounding like a stalker)


Liz.. said...

Sydney! yay :)

Suzy said...

Madison, WI, USA... i moved home from chicago to save money to move to new york, so you've caught me at my utmost rural :)

i follow both you and Sarah of Death Wears Diamond Jewelry to get my fill of Australian headlines. plus you're both awesome, so there's that.

Katie said...

I'm from the ever exotic... NEW ZEALAND! Haha Wellington ha only across the ditch ;-P

I can't see how many hits I get on my blog. Unless I'm a complete tech tard and I just don't know how to do it.

I enjoy you're writing X

Liv8 said...

Sucked in to anyone trying to compete with cool places they come from because I just take the cake... I'm from ADELAIDE!