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What is wrong with people!?

Where's the weirdest (and most inappropriate) place that you've been asked out?

A funeral? A tupperware party? Or just while you're filling your car up with petrol?

For me, it was the good old Westfield food court. By a guy I had never met or spoken to before.

I still had 20 minutes before I started work so naturally I sat down with a mango frappe and the latest Frankie magazine to kill time. So there I am, reading a very cute article on vintage teapots when a completely random guy approaches me and says "Can I sit here?" gesturing towards the seat opposite me. "Uh, sure" I reply, glancing around at the HUNDREDS of empty tables surrounding us. 

Looking back now, I don't think I've tried to think of more excuses to get out of something in my life. Before I can blurt out one of these badly thought through excuses, he starts questioning me. "Hi, my name is Simon*, what's your name?" I quickly think of the possibilities.. 'Is this guy a psycho that will track me down and kill me, or is he a stalker who already knows my name so he'll know if I'm lying to him?!'. I go with the stalker. "Umm, I'm Alex." 

He then proceeds to ask me the ever lame and stereotypical pick up line "So, do you come here often?". Might I remind you that we are in a WESTFIELD FOOD COURT. This is not a club or bar. This is an effing shopping centre. "Sometimes" I reply, hoping that this guy will go away. But no, he still persists. "Oh yeah, so do you go out much?", "Oh, not really", I reply, thinking I was awesome for dodging any questions about where I go out. Nope. "So when you do go out, where do you go?" Fuuck my life. "Um, just usually to places in Sydney. No where around here." He nods in a knowing way. "Soo.. do you go to the cinema much?" Is this guy kidding?! I'm really starting to freak out by this stage, praying that someone I know will walk past and save me but it doesn't happen. "No, I don't." 

I'm starting to sound rude and horrid but it was a creepy situation. "Oh, well, do you want to catch up and go to the cinema one night? I can pick you up and take you home and stuff." Alarm bells go off inside my head (though I was rather proud that I managed to remain cool, calm and collected on the outside) and I replied in a rather swift manner as I was standing up and leaving "Oh thanks, that's really nice of you but I'm actually seeing someone at the moment and anyway oh gosh would you just look at the time I have to go to work" "Oh, where do you work?" STALKER STALKER STALKER! "Um, just upstairs...okaygoodbye!" 

I didn't go anywhere near the food court for about 3 months.

Tell me about your creepy scenarios! Or am I the only one that attracts weirdo's like this?

*Name has been changed because I don't remember what the hell it was. 


pinkapplecore said...

I was in the shoes section of a mega store.. and this boy comes up. and stops (he's really on edge like somebody pumped him full of red bulls and sugar) so he turns around and i'm bent over looking for shoes....and he goes "do you have a boy friend?" "yeah" oh... which would have been the end of it except "are any of your friends single?" "nooooo" "Can i have your cell phone number?" "I don't have a phone"

anywhooo I thought how rude it was to ask me out and then ask if any of my friends were single..

but then again I think in the back of my head some guys must be really nervous around women and they have to be scared out of their mind to walk up to a girl they think is "cute" or "attractive" and say hay I think your cute do you want to go out?

don't get me wrong I think you had every right to be eerie of your situation, what if he was a psycho and off'd you in his car...

Hannah said...

You're definitely not alone. I can think of two strange scenarios, one of which still confuses me to this day. I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from the train station late at night (bless him and his heated vehicle), and this guy in a car which had been sitting nearby - I've been raised to be paranoid, so I'd noticed it - drove down to near where I was standing, and a guy leaned out the window and asked me if I "wanted him to drive me somewhere.". I don't know if he mistakenly thought he was driving a taxi or was bing dodgy, but I replied with, "Uh... No thanks. I'm right." He lingered for a bit, and asked again. All I could think of was to act tough, so I replied in my most scathingly disapproving voice, "My *father*'s on his way." Guess that scared him off, cos he mumbled and drove away to linger elsewhere in the carpark. Scary shit.

I generally find train stations and the streets of Melbourne CBD late at night the dodgiest places to be asked out.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Hahaha aw, poor Axe-y! Mine have usually been tragic work-related ask-outs. Nothing QUITE as excitng as yours! :D

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

never been asked out. i feel so sad. actually, thats a lie, i remember doing community service during highschool at a nursing home and one of the old men asked me to be his girlfriend. score!

Coco said...

Ugghhhh! I feel your pain.

The other day I had a middle-aged man approach me, gesticulate towards my legs and exclaim, 'Excuse me, I just have to say, it is so nice to see a young lady wearing proper stockings.'

WEIRD. hahaha.