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Why Obama is awesome #863

Today, I found another reason to be down on the ground, bowing to U.S President, Barack Obama.

He called Kanye West 'a jackass'.

I don't really have a big opinion on the whole Taylor Swift debacle at the VMA's, I thought Kanye was an idiot before he ruined her moment.

Ok, you got me. I have an opinion.

I'm not all "Omg, omg, ohhh Poor Taylor!" about it, but I do think Kanye's behaviour was quite rude and inappropriate. 

Was he even on stage at the time, or did he literally walk up on stage when she won?

Listen to Obama's comments here:

What do you all think about the Kanye vs. Taylor Swift situation?


Kez said...

I haven't seen the actual footage yet but by all accounts I think Kanye West has always been a douche bag and always will be.
I think whether it's an award show or not, it's basic manners to let someone celebrate their achievements and to let them have their moment in the sun. Stealing someone's thunder by being an obnoxious tool is just wrong and I suppose there's been so much backlash because it's the principle! Celebrities or not celebrities!

juliette said...

i had to laugh very hard about this whole situation. it was blown so much out of proportion haha.
but yes, Kanye is a huge d-bag. get some manners buddy!
and, major kudos to Obama!!!