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R.I.P - Patrick Swayze... and the other 573952 people we didn't know either.

As I'm sure we'd all know by now, Patrick Swazye has passed away.

Yes, it is sad that he died so young and from such a horrid illness.

No, it is not right for people who didn't know him to be in absolute mourning. That's just stupid. 

For God's sake, thousands of people die every day from the same illness he did.
Thousands of CHILDREN die every day from starvation and preventable diseases.

People really need to evaluate the situation and get a bit of a reality check, I think.

This silly mourning nonsense happens every.single.time a celebrity/public figure dies.

Everyone just needs to calm down!


Liv8 said...

It's okay to feel upset if you're a fan of his work or a friend/family member.
But I agree with the whole let's mourn him because he was a famous person suffering from this illness.

I mean I was absolutely devastated when George Harrison died of throat cancer, but that's because I'm such a huge fan of the Beatles.

No need to jump on the Swayze bandwagon now that he's died though.

I wish I could make this make sense :-P

Miss Peregrin said...

Amen to that! Personally, I think the real reason the death of celebrities gets to people so much because it reminds them that they are going to die as well.

Suzy said...

you got sass and i like it. you're going on my blogroll, girl.