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this bird has flown

I had the best weekend I've had in a looong time. I went to a Kitchen Tea Party and to 18th + 21st birthdays.

Here's some photos :)

gorgeous cupcakes made by Laura. 

fruit punch.. we all drank a little too much of it.

more cupcakes..

strawberries + marble chocolate.

lovely gingerbread cookies by laura's mum :)

I won't post many photos from the 18th + 21st as they're quite unattractive..

jelly shots.

foolish children. 

How was your weekend, lovely people? What did you get up to?


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

I know that I've already told you on Facebook, but.. I LOVE that picture of you with the strawberry, Alex! :) It's ridiculously pretty!

juliette said...

looks like you had a lovely weekend! you are so pretty!
my weekend was so quiet. i stayed at home friday and saturday night watching TV on dvd, and then i went up to the Gold Coast with a friend in search of formal dresses and returned with nothing!

A. said...

aw thanks, Corrine & Juliette.
you're both sweethearts.

Juliette- I was about to say, wow that's a fair way to go to look for formal dresses...then I remembered you live in Byron Bay :P

Lauranie said...

mmmm....cupcakes! YOU are pretty! :) We had a little bday party too...but sadly NO jello shots!!! Looks like TONS of fun!!

Hippie Frou Frou said...

guess it was a great weekend for all, I visited N. Georgia mountains and went to a luau check it out on my blog :)) What lovely style you have, looks like fantastic parties as well!

jess s///