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already a keen competitor in the fame game.

I love it when people use their claim to fame before they have fame.
It's so pretentious and wrong.

So, I won't name names, but we received a phone call at work on Wednesday...
"Hello, I was wondering if I'm able to get a credit note extension as I'm in the Top 12 on Australian Idol and I'm in lock down so I can't come to the shops because I'm in the Top 12"

We explained that we can't give the authorisation for this because our manager wasn't in and we'd ring her back after we'd spoken to the manager.

"Oh okay then, it's just because I'm in the Top 12 of Australian Idol and yeah so I can't get out, because I'm in the Top 12."

One of the girls asked where she was located (perhaps their was another one of our stores nearby that she could go to)

"I'm located in the Top 12"

We said, "Yeah, but like where are you exactly?"

"In Australian Idol, the Top 12"

We said we'd ring back.

A few hours later we rang, saying that yes, we can give a two week extension.

"Oh, thank you so much, it's just really hard because I'm in the Top 12 and I really can't get there because I'm in Australian Idol."

We think it's over.

The next day.

"Hi my name is Jane Doe and I rang before because I'm in the Top 12 of Australian Idol and I was getting an extension on my credit note. I was wondering if my mum can just come and use my credit note today- actually can you please write her name down in the book so you know who she is- yep yeah, she's just going to do it because I can't get there, because I'm in the Top 12 of Australian Idol."

I did not make ANY of this up. No exaggeration. That is exactly how it went.

Guess which one of these guys already thinks they're God's gift? (Even though Andrew G does think he's God's gift.. it is not him!)


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Sabrina.

Kez said...

When I read this I thought you were exaggerating for comedic effect. But you weren't. Holy crap!
Someone needs to have a bit of humble pie!!!

Miss Peregrin said...

OMG. *headesk* It's somewhat terrifying to me that people are that full of themselves.

juliette said...

I bet $100 on Sabrina. maybe even more..

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Ooh! I want to know! Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeell me! Is it Kim? That's crazy.