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Top Three Tuesday.

This 'Top 3 Tuesday' is super rushed because I forgot about it.. again!
Thanks to Corrine for reminding me ;)

3. Working every single day bar Mondays for the past two weeks. Sure it's tiring and on occasion, monotonous and boring. However, bring on next pay day is all I have to say! It's the best feeling in the world to not be tied down with educational commitments. I'm trying to make the most of it before next year.

2. Finally nabbing tickets to go and see Fleetwood Mac and Kate Miller Heidke.. Obviously in separate shows ;) I'm excited beyond belief. Should be two awesome nights of music.

1. Sorry, music related *again*. But I've been hearing whispers that the one and only PAUL MCCARTNEY may be playing at the Big Day Out 2010. If this is true, I will finally be able to fulfil my lifelong dream (this is true) of being one of those screaming, hysterical, teenage girls in 1964... Except it'll be 2010. Lily Allen is also rumoured to perform which will be great too, but nothing will ever beat the absolute legend of Paul McCartney. All my dreams are coming true... :D


thegreyowl said...

paul and lily would be amazing to see i agree :)
also rumoured to headline is blink 182, muse and eminem (lol)
i guess we wont know till next week but fingers crossed
would be rad if all were coming !!

A. said...

I'd go to see Eminem, ahaha just because it would be so amusing.

"yo, yo, i shot that cop, and slapped that bitch"

Tara said...

If Eminem played at BDO I would pretty much lose the will to live. But PAUL MCCARTNEY? WHAAAAAT!! I would pretty much latch myself onto him and never let go.

Coco said...

Paul McCartney?! No way, that's impossible!! But, oh my goshhhhh!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Yay! Seeing Paul McCartney would be the best! :)

Carly said...

WHAT? Paul McCartney? I really hope that's true! I saw him a few yrs ago in London at a secret show. AMAZING.
I'm also going to Fleetwood Mac, I can't wait =]