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blackbird singing in the dead of night

A little birdy got into our shop the other day and at first we couldn't catch him to put him outside.

We decided to name him and I picked the name Samson.

We left him in the shop overnight and left bread crumbs out on the desk.

The next morning when one of the girls came in to open, Samson flew down and she caught him in a cardigan. He sat there while she counted the till and then she took him outside and set him free.

He is so cute. We've never seen a bird like him before.

If anyone actually knows what species he is, please let me know :) We all really want to find out!


juliette said...

how cute!! i don't think i've ever seen a bird like this before.
if you don't mind my asking, what retail chain store do you work in?

and thank you dearly for your comment :)
in regards to the 3 columns, just follow these steps from here:

the only thing is that it is for blogs which are set to the 'minima' template. so if you chose that one, i'm not sure if you will lose all your information from this lovely one.
also, i had to tweak the numbers because it originally cut off my photos like before!
i hope this helps!
let me know if it doesn't and i'll try and help :)


A. said...

oh thanks heaps, i'll check it out and give it a go :)

I work at 'Temt' :) It's very hard when you're trying to save money because you're constantly around clothes :P

Miss Peregrin said...

Awww, how adorable. We have bird nesting in our store, it's rather funny. They fly in and out of the shop when the automatic doors open up, haha.

pixelhazard said...

Oh what a lovely bird, swift looking too

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Awww, what a cutie :)

Beth said...

Aw bless he is so cute!
Haha I think I would have been a bit freaked out though to have a bird in my shop!