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Another Kyle Sandilands outburst...

I know I really shouldn't be giving this douchebag more attention, but I can't help it.

He's like borderline psychotic now. He absolutely lost it at the 2DayFM newsreader, Geoff.
He says some pretty horrible things to the poor guy, things that shouldn't be said on live radio, or anywhere really.

Listen to the outburst here:
(I apologise for the silly advertisement first and the fact that the video starts automatically.. I'll try to fix that.)

I think that he obviously has issues going on in his life that he needs to deal with and until then, he shouldn't be on the air. It's sort of unfortunate though that 2DayFM continue to keep him on air because of the ratings he pulls in..

Agree or Disagree?


juliette said...

this is just getting scary now. he's projecting all the things said to him over the past few months onto the poor newsreader!
this guy is evil, pure evil. and he's lost it!
is there some kind of petition or phone number you can call? he makes me so angry!!
you're right, he shouldn't be on the air and it's disgusting that he's being kept on air because of the ratings.


A. said...

To complain, you have to contact the 2DayFM in writing, they have 60 days to respond. If they don't respond within the 60 days or you don't like their response, then you can make a complaint to the Australian Communication Media Authority (ACMA).

But I guess, to show that you're protesting, I'm sure there's Facebook groups about this hahah

Kez said...

What a d*ck.
I used to have a weird respect for him but since the last few incidents I have had absolutely none. He's lost the plot.
What a child!

Actually, children are innocent and don't know better...i take that back!