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some people are so inhumane :(

Today, I read a news article about a cat that was found, alive thankfully, wrapped head to tail in duct tape.

I'm sorry, but what is wrong with humanity these days? What on earth pursued a person to whip out the duct tape and wrap a poor, innocent kitty in it?! I really cannot comprehend how someone could think it would be cool or entertaining or funny etc to do this.

This article really hit me hard, probably because the cat (nicknamed Sticky) looks so much like my dear cat.

Animal cruelty really needs to stop and offenders should be given harsher punishment and sentences. Just because an animal can't talk, drive or make money doesn't mean it has any less rights than a human being. They shouldn't be treated so horribly.

Fortunately though, there are good people out there trying to put a stop to animal cruelty forever.
I'll be interviewing Elizabeth Anile, one of the founders of Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty (ATAAC) this week, so keep checking back for the feature article :)


Carly said...

I agree that harsher punishment/penalties should be given for animal cruelty.
Generally animals can't protect themselves & because they can't point the finger at the people who do it, people find them easy targets.
It's disgusting, it's pissweak & it makes me incredibly angry.

Sticky is adorable & I will take him in & give him a great home.

One of my cats I took in when she was a baby - someone threw her out of a car window. Luckily the person driving behind saw & took her to the vet. She is the most friendly, cuddly, beautiful little girl & I will never understand how somebody could do something like that.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

this is HORRIFIC and DISGUSTING. ive been a long time volunteer at various animal shelters and the amount of sad, horribly cruel stories i hear shocks me so much.

harsher penalties for sure. these people deserve to rot.

InnyVinny said...

That is absolutely horrid.

Katie said...

This sickens me :-(

juliette said...

the kitty in the photo looks like your kitty and your kitty looks like my kitty, and now i'm so sad! i have to go and find Chester now and see if he's safe.
i don't understand HOW a person could do this, would you not just feel a terrible, gut wrenching feeling in your stomach? would you not know that it is cruelty? evil?