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not too many happy little vegemites.

I'm going to keep this post short because the topic has gotten enough attention already.

As some would know, Kraft launched a campaign earlier this year to find a name for their new spread (Vegemite mixed with Cream Cheese). They announced the winner of the competition over the weekend. The name that the new spread will be known as is...


It seems that no one is happy with this name, every news article I read, people are going on about how stupid it sounds.

I have to agree with them. It's like it's an intentionally lame parody of the technological generation we live in.

I think iSuck would be a better name.

Or at the very most, iSpread2.0 would sound better, as it is a "spread", but, saying 'iSpread' could have some R Rated misconceptions.

I read on Twitter earlier, someone had posted 'I said "do you speaka my language"? He just smiled and gave me an iSnack 2.0 sandwich.' - I thought this was very amusing. I hope other people get the joke.

What do you guys think, cool or crap name?


Lauranie said... "new" layout is COOL!! That name is definite CRAP!!! I would probably NOT buy it just because of the name...pretty LAME! :)

Carly said...

Hahaha what? I kinda find it hard to believe that was even submitted. Out of 20,000 entries 19,990 were undoubtably Cheeseymite, or a variation of.
Wtf is an iSnack? And why 2.0? Isn't this the first one?
If it came with like crackers or something, like a LeSnack then iSnack would be fine. But it's a spread!
This leaves so many questions.
Wow, I had no idea that I cared so much lol

A. said...

Haha, they should have called it Cheesymite. Heaps better name than iSnack 2.0.

Liv8 said...

I've already posted my own blog going on and on about how much I dislike the name and later that day realised if you put "mite" on the end of it you'll be sure to come up with a better name for the new vegemite rather than iSnack 2.0.

"Ruddmite" - because Kevin Rudd is about the cheesiest Australian on the planet right now.

thegreyowl said...

i wouldnt buy it:
a. the name sounds shit and stupid, yeah 2.0? wtf, and way to rip off Apple products
b. theres something i find very wrong about pre-mixed cheese spread and vegemite, not too tasty

Kez said...

Ugh. Absolutely pathetic! Which lame IT person came up with that?! It's so try hard. I've been seeing this isnack crap on facebook but didn't really think they were serious. They are? And now I'm highly disappointed.

juliette said...

it's a shit name. makes me not want to buy it. poor guy who made it up!