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Celebrity Masterchef lineup announced.

Channel 10 have finally announced the celebrities that will be competing for the title of Celebrity Masterchef.

Anna Bligh - Queensland Premier
Hmm, people criticise Kevin Rudd when he makes one appearance on Rove, saying "Shouldn't he be running the country?". Yet Anna Bligh hasn't copped any criticism yet for taking 3 months off running the state to go and cook for a bit. I think that's because maybe this country has the belief that Anna's back where she should be... in the kitchen.

(No I am not posting an entire blog about Celebrity Masterchef just so I could make that joke about women in the kitchen *ahem*... )

Alex Perry - Designer & Judge on Australia's Next Top Model

Peter Fitzsimons - Writer, Media commentator, Newspaper columnist.

Kathleen De Leon - Former member of Hi 5

Indira Naidoo- Television presenter

Eamon Sullivan - Swimmer

George Negus- Host of SBS's 'Dateline'.

Michelle Bridges - Trainer on 'The Biggest Loser' and author of health book 'Crunch time'.

For some reason, I think Michelle will suck at this. I can imagine it now "No no, this chocolate dessert is absolutely FULL OF CALORIES! George, Gary and especially you Matt, after eating this I want you to drop down and give me 50 pushups!!!!!".


Tree Castles said...

thank you for comment. it was nice of you.
and haha. i'm not sure if i recognize any of these people. well, of course, i'm not from australia. :)

have a nice day<3

K said...

I live in Brisbane and there has been a fair bit of criticism of her going on Master Chef. And I think she is only taking 2-3 days for the filming.

Alex said...

Hi K.
Yeah, I did hear she was only taking a couple of days off too, but it confuses me how she can do everything in 2-3 days when the show will run for a few weeks.. It's a bit odd! :)