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Top *Six* Tuesday

Ok, so I usually do 'Top Three Tuesday', but last week, I forgot. I was going to do it a day late but I got really lazy and thought to myself "Meh, no one will notice anyway".

Turns out a friend of mine DID notice and asked where the 'segment' was. I was literally in utter disbelief that someone actually noticed that I didn't do it. He has also requested that I do a 'super double edition' this week.

So here it is, it might not justify the term 'super', but at least it's 'double' !

6. Browsing online vintage stores. You come across some amazing, one-off items online. It's wonderful. I've found some lovely things via the ebay seller 'prettypreasevintage'. If you know of any other really good vintage sellers, please do let me know :)

5. Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. This is so great. I love it. The type I use is a pure Aloe Vera one. It's fair expensive, $40 for a litre, but it's so worth it. Excellent for your hair and you only need a tiny bit, so the litre lasts for awhile.

4. Hearing the news that the ever wonderful Kate Miller-Heidke is announcing tour dates next Friday. I absolutely love her, I will be at that concert more than likely wetting myself in pure euphoria.

3. Finding about 15 discs full of photos I'd forgotten about, including the files from one of my major works. This is part of my drama one, it's so shit, I'm embarassed as to how bad it is:

2. Reviewing the site statistics for 'shut up, vita' and discovering that I have readers from places such as Sweden, Finland, Poland, Mexico, Belgium and Slovenia! I could not believe it. I'll write another post about it and go into more detail- it's amazing!

1. Making people laugh. I think it is the best feeling in the world when you make a friend, family member or completely random person laugh. It's even better when they are literally doubled over, laughing until they cry.

I think I might do something different next week and instead of having Top 3/6 Tuesday, I might try something called 'Winners + Losers of the week'. Essentially the same thing as Top Three Tuesday except it'll be on Friday and include three negative things.. Ok so it's not really essentially the same thing, but you get my point.

What's on the top of your list this week, friends? :)