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Going Gaga.

Lady Gaga is such an effing kook.

It's a shame that she chooses to act like a complete maniacal tool and writes stupid songs because she actually has a decent voice.

Gaga took part in a Hello Kitty themed photo shoot recently, here's some whacked out photos. This woman (or man, depending on what you believe) has some crazy ideas.

In saying these criticisms, and even though I obviously think she's an inane piece of garbage, she does have a lot of courage to put herself out there and be an individual. In this day and age, that's got to be a good thing, right?

What do you think about the one who wants to 'take a ride on your disco stick'?

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pinkapplecore said...

Sigh, I'm not a fan. I just don't care for the whole thing. I didn't mind "Just dance" but that's it.

I don't like how she dressing..I think she just does it to be "extreme"

but like you said she has some guts to do that and I think more women should be "that okay with themselves".

So i'm kind of indifferent to her.


Miss Peregrin said...

I admire her/his guts/balls. That's about all I can say really. I don't think some of Lady Gaga's music is too bad - but it could be much better for someone so obviously talented.

Kez said...

I really can't help it. I love me some Gaga. I don't always love her outfits or all of the things she does or says, but I give her massive props for just being different.
That takes bravery and it's paid off for her!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i hate gaga and her stupid lyrics. yes, god on her for being a walking form of preformance art in how she dresses but enough is enough! shock value only goes so far. the way she talks about herself, you'd think she was the messiah or something.

Amanda said...

that is just so disturbing. Gaga, I mean. But I have to admit, her latest song on the radio Telephone with Beyonce is pretty catchy. That's my opinion anyway.

xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Haha, I LOVE Lady Gaga! Which is actually really surprising, considering that I seem to remember one Burr-tastic lesson last year where I was talking with you, April, Josh and Emma and said ''AM I THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN'T STAND LADY GAGA?!'' Then I heard 'Paparazzi' and hello, all of a sudden decided that she was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Gaga is such a style inspiration love these photos great post



Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i did a gaga post today! you inspired me

the wild wolves said...

I think she's insane but I kind of admire her for it in a way. No other person goes to these lengths to get attention (which I'm sure all this craziness is for) and because she does she is extremely popular. I'm personally not a fan of her and her music but she's kind of interesting haha.
I heard she made up the rumour regarding Gaga as a hermaphrodite! - insane she is most definitely.