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gifts and giveaways :)

Today in the mail I received a Frankie Magazine 2010 Calendar. The lovely Amanda from Here Comes The Sun ran a giveaway last week and I was lucky enough to win :) The calendar has the most beautiful illustrations and layout- it's so very cute.

Anyway, anyway. I thought this was an appropriate time to announce that I'm going to have a Christmas/end of year type giveaway on 'shut up, vita'. I'll post more details next week and give you the opportunity to enter.

I haven't put the whole thing together but it's going to be a little basket full of exciting goodies. I promise it will be good and not a seedy little thing :P

I feel a bit bad about only one person being able to win so maybe I will have a 2nd prize too :)

So keep checking back for details and your opportunity to enter!


Jennee said...

that is a cute calender. congrats!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

yay for giveaways! totally entering your one for sure! love presents

the wild wolves said...

congratulations! it's beaaautiful!