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good old Johnny.

Regardless of political opinion and which way you swing- you can't deny that this photo isn't amusing.


Ncc Tardis said...

It's a hilarious photo, kudos to both the guy in the photo and whoever took it, he was likely moved on fairly quickly out of hope noone would get the photo =P

Like I said on FB, I was trying to find that photo of Maxine McKew with the guy wearing the "Don't Blame Me, I Voted Liberal" shirt, which is another well-done political snipe... considering Maxine cheerfully agreed to take the photo.

PS. Is it just me, or does Janette look more like a mum supervising her kid at the playground?

Joanne Faith said...

Hahhaa, makes me wonder what the intentions of Mr. shirt wearer were that day. ;)

Kez said...

Haha, wish I'd thought of that :)
So simple yet so effective!