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a delightful garment or two.

By now, many of you would be familiar with the denim style leggings that everyone seems to be sporting. For those that aren't familiar, these are essentially a pair of tights/leggings that look like denim.

Here's a photo:

I don't have a problem with these leggings if they are worn correctly. i.e. as LEGGINGS. They're not meant to be worn as a substitute for jeans. They're meant to be worn the same way you'd wear other leggings, like under an oversized tshirt.

Even if you're the skinniest person in the world, they still show everything and make the most attractive person look stupid.

Anyway, that's not the point of my post.

So, the clothing company I work for have a bit of a reputation for running with something that's popular. If a dress sells really well, they'll add sleeves or a high neck to it for winter. Or if a top is selling well, they'll make it into a dress etc etc.

These denim leggings have been fairly popular over the last 6-12 months, so what better idea than to make a SUMMER ALTERNATIVE!


Seriously. WTF.
They're not, and never ever will be flattering on anyone!

And, to pretty much sum this up, look how deathly they look on the mannequin. Imagine what they look like on a real person!

Why do people do it to themselves?! Ahhhh.


the wild wolves said...

like you, i am avid hater of the wear-leggings-as-pants deal. it really is quite unsightly to see such detail of a girl's behind (and front in some cases) when they could just buy a bigger size shirt and make it look good! i have to say though, i do wear leggings when i go running.
also, those shorts are pretty unattractive. i find denim shorts tight enough, let alone ultra-tight leggings haha
great post, i feel i can always laugh or vent or generally be happy when i visit x

Kez said...

Oh, I am so with you on this. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.
I just cannot get with the fake jeans thing.
Really. Those shorts scare me. I am now officially worried about what I am going to see this Spring.

5ft0 said...

Wow, just wow.

If it's selling well in the past - they'll make different variations of it, thinking it'll still sell like hotcakes.

Stick to a try and tested formula.

This is one example of taking this motto too literally.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

oh my god. please no. those are HORRIBLE!!!

i cannot stand the leggings as pants trend. even wore the brands that encourage it buy selling leggings as pants. NO NO NO!!! arghdiujehfdj

acceptable legging attire:
1. lounging around the house with ugg boots
2. at the gym

3. under a dress or VERY long top ie. must cover your ass.

why do people not follow these rules? why!!!

ps. thanks for the award!

Adele said...


Amelia M said...

Oh wow. Those shorts are probably seem as "ideal summer festival attire" by many, many girls. Uh-oh.