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Melbourne Cup Day!

I don't normally bet on horses in the Melbourne Cup race, but this year I decided to have a go.

I was at work all day, so one of my work friends and I put on fascinators and made our bets during lunch.

I did a trifecta and then betted 4 separate wins on different horses. (Alcopop, Warringah, Daffodil & Allez Wonder)

We didn't have a radio at work, so I ran up to one of the other shops and asked a girl I knew which horse had come first.

Apparently none of my horses even came close. I was so annoyed. "Never, ever betting again! EVER! Stupid horses can't even run fast" etc.

Turns out, my work friend that placed that bets, totally screwed mine up and ended up betting for all these random horses like Kibbutz, Harris Tweed and............. Shocking.


I have never, ever been more happy that someone has made a screw up.

I'll post some photos of the Fashions on the Field winner... once I can find them!


Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

the woman who won fashions on the feild was wearing an old Cue outfit. i like that.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Yay! Go Axe-y! :D Teehee, I came second in the work sweep.. we all put $2 in, and then each person was given a horse (drawn out from a hat).. when I got Crime Scene, I was like ''WHAT?! CRIME SCENE?! What kind of a horse is that?! It'll probably come last or get disqualified!'' And then it came 2nd.. oops!

Nice win, and thank-you so much for my lovely blog award :) I love your blog.. it's like my daily Alex fill, the one I no longer get at TAFE! :(


Katie said...

WINNER! Surprise money is always good :D

the wild wolves said...

oh! congratulations! haha i love how things work out like this :)