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Top Three Tuesday :)

3. I now have the ability to book hotel rooms, purchase concert tickets and go crazy over vintage sellers on ebay without having to borrow someone else' credit card. This is going to be awesome.

2. Discussing the very real possibility of moving out next year. I cannot wait to have some independence in my life, preferably in the form of a terrace house in Surry Hills, Ultimo, Chippendale or Glebe. All within a glorious walking distance to university. I am very much looking forward to the days of bedrooms being as messy as I like, cupboards only stocked with 2 minute noodles, chico lollies and energy drinks and the fact that I will have a legitimate reason to throw a housewarming party.

1. Upon hearing the news that Fleetwood Mac have announced an Australian leg of their world tour, I squealed excitedly like a small, impish child. The Sydney concert isn't until December but I am certain that my behaviour at said event will be comparable to that of a 14 year old at the world premiere of 'High School Musical'. If John Lennon and George Harrison come back to life and perform a 'One Night Only' Beatles exclusive concert in my backyard, my life will then be complete.

How about you, my dears? What's been floating your boat this week?


juliette said...

I recently applied for a debit card and oh am I so excited to buy vintage clothes and cameras!!
My week has not been floating at all. I've had trials since last Monday and tomorrow is my last. I can't stand ext 2 english and so I'm procrastinating like there's no tomorrow!

A. said...

Aww, good luck in your trials :)
I'm sure you'll be fine.
What subjects do you do?

juliette said...

I do English Advanced, Ext 1 english (worst idea of my life), Extension 2 english, modern history, society and culture and art.
I didn't really get the chance to prepare though due to having 3 majors haha, but it's only the trials.. right?
What subjects did you choose for year 12?

A. said...

I did English Advanced, Modern History, Ancient History, Community & Family Studies and Drama.

And yeah, it's only the trials :)
You'll be fine for the real thing.

Do you want to go to university?

juliette said...

Yeah I'm really interested in going to uni, but I'm taking a year off first to go travelling and work :)
i want to do a dual degree in Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts, and University of Queensland is the only place that offers it, so I guess Brisbane will be my home for 4 years. I'm no sure if that's a good or bad thing...

How about you? Where do you plan on doing your Journalism course?

A. said...

Oh cool, that sounds good :)

I'm going to do a Bachelor of Communications (major in Broadcast Journalism) at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney :)

Carly said...

I'm stoked for Fleetwood Mac too! Nice to see someone else under 25 knows who they are & wants to go.
(& a Beatles reunion would totally make my life!)

A. said...

A Beatles reunion would make the world's life :P

And on the Fleetwood Mac topic, the other day I walked past one of those arcade games where you move the claw to pick up the toy thingys- anyway, the machine was BLARING a Fleetwood Mac song, it was very amusing.

I can't remember the name of the song though! It's so annoying. And I obviously don't have the lyric right because Google isn't helping me.