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One dress, 365 ways.

You know that feeling you have when you’re absolutely in awe of someone and think to yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of that idea?!’. That’s how I felt when I read about a young femme named Sheena Matheiken. She was raised and educated in India and has created the most revolutionary little thing known as The Uniform Project.

Basically it goes like this: 1 dress. 365 ways.
As of May 2009 Sheena has worn the same dress (She owns 7 identical ones) every single day, making it look different and unique each time by usage of layers and accessories (many of which are vintage, hand made or donated). All funds raised by The Uniform Project go directly to ‘The Akanksha Foundation’, specifically ‘Akanksha’s School Project’ which is devoted to bring education to children living in Indian slums. The Indian Government spends around $360 a year on the education of one child. 80% of these kids drop out before reaching Grade 10. Akanksha promises to spend the same figure on every child residing in slums to give them a better education.

I think this is such a phenomenal and absolutely wonderful assignment that is being undertaken, it will change the lives of so many disadvantaged young souls.

To donate funds to ‘The Akanksha Foundation’ go to: Donate Funds
($360 sends one child to school for a whole year, if you grab 20 friends, that’s $18 each which will go a long long way in improving a child’s life)

To donate accessories go to: Donate Accessories
(When Sheena wears your item, she gives a shout out to you on her website and will also link your blog.)

Even if you're just donating $5 or an old belt, every little bit counts :)



juliette said...

This is the smartest most innovative idea I have heard in a long time. What an amazing woman!

Thank you for your kind words, you don't know how much I appreciate them ♥

A. said...

She is fantastic hey.

And you're most welcome :)

Lauranie said...

I LOVE this!! And she is so CUTE and sylish I can see how she pulls it off!! You are hilarious girl...thanks for visiting my little corner of blogland!! :)