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Anyone keen for Swine?

Cast your minds back to say, 6 months ago. The Swine Flu panic was in it's peak. Almost everyone was hysterical, thinking they were dying if they had a slight cough of a morning. I even have a friend who went out and got the flu vaccine, thinking it would save her from Swine. (I couldn't resist the urge to point out 'You know it's a different illness right? That's like giving a cancer patient Paracetemol'.)

I'm not sure how many individuals out there are unfortunate enough to think the same way I do, but I actually *wanted* to get Swine Flu. Before everyone starts screaming about me being an emo who hates the world, let me explain my perfectly logical reasons.

I knew it wouldn't kill me. The only people dying from the Swine lived in countries where they're unfortunate enough to not have a good health care system and infection is high there. Yes, I understand that x amount of people had died in Australia but if you calm down for a second and read into it more, those people had other health issues, primarily respiratory diseases.

I'd also been told that having Swine was practically the same as having the normal flu, so it was no big deal. As a person who gets the normal flu once a year anyway, I figure that it might as well be the Swine so in 5 years I can revel in the glory and amusement of wearing this tshirt:

(I told people about my marvelous plans to wear a shirt of this description a couple of months ago and then today found that people have created them! Image via Ali Bell)


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Hahahahaha, OH the many times swine flu dominated our TAFE classroom conversation! It WAS a bit nuts. But the weird thing is, I did actually wonder at some point if I had it.. during the holidays, I went out for lunch, happy & perfectly healthy.. then all of a sudden I started coughing out of nowehere and then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon uncontrollably coughing.. before I knew it, I was sick.. can't-get-of-bed sick, & still spluttering three weeks later. Odd.

(Oh, & did you know that Shalagh's son ACTUALLY had it? Confirmed and all? She told us when we came back, weird, huuuuuuuuuuh?)


thegreyowl said...

aaah aleex that is lol
and i want that tshirt!
i have like been sick for a good 2.5 months haha, good old swiney
take care love you miss you xx.

Miss Peregrin said...

I had SOME kind of flu during Swine Flu season, so I'm going to go ahead and say I'm now qualified to wear that t-shirt. Because, it's only logical that it would have been swine flu...even though I wasn't really that sick. Ok, so I'm just making an excuse to wear that damn cool shirt.

juliette said...

Haha I want swine flu too.. but my reasons differ. Apparently if you get swine flu the Board of Studies takes it into consideration and adds a few points to your HSC marks!

A. said...

Now why on earth was Swine Flu not around when I did the HSC last year?! How ridiculously selfish of the Swine :P

juliette said...

Haha I know!! Those silly pigs..