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I've been such a slack blogger in the last month or so. This is due to being super busy but mostly being lazy.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last few weeks..

I started an internship with my local Federal Member of Parliament. 
I got a new job and quit my old job that I'd been working at for almost 4 years!
Australia voted and the winner was Labor.

I actually got to meet Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister! I have nothing but positive words about her. She was very sweet, lovely and easy to talk to. 

Anyway, enough talk about me and enough talk about politics- you are probably all asleep by now!

How have you all been and what is new in your lives? x


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Yay! Your internship sounds amazing, good work, Alex! :) And that picture of you and Julia is so cute :) xoxo

Chanelle said...

That is so cool, I can't believe you actually met her! My dad went to school with her and said she voted for him when he was in a talent show so he had to return her the favour. hahaha.