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I have too many clothes.

Over the past two weeks, I've been continually reminding myself to clean out my wardrobe and chest of drawers as they are, quite literally, overflowing.

By 'clean out' I mean 'squash everything in tighter so I don't have to throw anything away'.
After a excellent post by Miss Peregrin and an equally fabulous one by Corrine/Frock & Roll I was inspired to catalogue the contents of my wardrobe and post the results on here. 

I knew I had too many clothes but these results just freaked me out. I don't even want to know how much money I've spent on everything.

~ 40 tshirts/overshirt things.
~ 17 jackets/blazers.
~ 7 cardigans.
~ 8 pairs of leggings (black, floral and navy blue)
~ 21 skirts.
~ 9 pairs of shorts.
~ 2 pairs of jeans (I never wear them either!)
~ 7 vests.
~ 1 pair of non denim pants.
~ 72 dresses.
~ 12 hats/berets.
~ 38 pairs of shoes.
~ 16 bags

I didn't even attempt to count my belts and headscarves.. there'd be over 100 of them.

This little exercise has shown that I either need to throw out a million things or stop buying new ones.... as if that's going to happen! 

What is lurking in your wardrobe? Are you also in need of a clean out?


Margaret said...

oh i ENVY this!! :D i looked in my wardrobe today and went oooh my god im going to freeze this winter. i need more stuff :)
thanks for the sweet comment!
lovey our blog following now :) xx

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Holy shit, Alex! That is a LOT of stuff! (Although to be honest, I'm not REALLY surprised, because you always looked amazing at TAFE!)

Maybe you should write about all of the wonderful ways in which you actually manage to store your stuff? Because I have three wardrobes, three sets of drawers and a scarve rack and they are literally bulging; I don't know how you do it!


Vita said...

I don't think I have nearly the amount of clothes as you
have you got any overalls? I want a pair.

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i dont want to count. i can tell just by looking that i have way too many black oversized t-shirts. and whenever i try to cull some, i just can't! argh

·· Derrewyn ·· said...

never have too many clothes or too many make up!