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Jennifer Hawkins, airbrush free.

Jennifer Hawkins is posing nude and unphotoshopped on the cover of this month's Marie Claire magazine.

There is a lot of debate about this magazine cover, whether or not it promotes positive body image, the "normality" of cellulite and wrinkeles or if it's sending out the right message.

My opinion on this is, if you want to promote the whole idea that nobody's perfect- then you don't use a SUPERMODEL for this.
I'm the first to point out that supermodel's aren't perfect at all, but unfortunately in this day and age, supermodels don't really carry much weight on them.

I'm not at all saying to put a normal, everyday person on the cover of Marie Claire because that wouldn't generate sales and therefore not be the best idea for promoting positive body image. What I would like to see done, is that a celebrity or public figure is put on the cover. A celebrity or public figure who is not a model. Therefore, sales are still generated because the average reader recognises the celebrity. As the covergirl isn't a model, readers can more easily resonate with their body figure than what they could with a model.

All in all, it seems like a massive garner for publicity and an aim to have a big step up from what Sarah Murdoch did.



Vita said...

put Beth Ditto on a aust mag

Five Foot Nothing said...

Wow - this has been on the radar big time today. It even made the national news.

As for Jen Hawkins, she's gorgeous, but many women don't have the Hawko body. That is all.

Suzy said...

why does she look like she just rolled around in cocoa powder? does she need to exfoliate, or was this photoshopped in to make her look like she isn't perfect?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Personally, I have a problem with Photoshopped magazine covers in general - they're so obvious that it's insulting! :)

the wild wolves said...

I think it was great that they did the whole 'unretouched' deal, but seriously, how is an editorial and cover page of Jennifer Hawkins, a beautiful and slim woman, meant to encourage self image and self esteem? Honestly, I think it's going to make every Australian woman feel like shit because that's what she looks like normally haha

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

who wants to buy a fashion magazine with your average woman on the cover?! magazine covers make the sales, having an un airbrushed model is a new thing which will generate the sales they want. i like it.