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Easter is early.

So, we're just a few weeks into January and the supermarket shelves are already spilling with Easter Eggs.

Easter is not until April.

Talk about a complete commercialisation of what is supposed to be a religious holiday. I'm sure that every year, the release date of Easter merchandise is brought forward one week earlier each time.

I am confident that the majority of children (not brought up in a Catholic environment) wouldn't be able to tell you what Easter is all about. For that matter, there's probably a fair few adults who are in the same situation.

I'm not the most religious person myself, but I know the story of Easter and Christmas. And I think that these apparent "religious holidays" have now become a commercialised abomination.

Give it say, until August, and the supermarkets will already be selling bonbons and tinsel. I'm all for being organised, but isn't this taking it a little bit far?

Back to Easter- perhaps I'm expecting too much from the children of today, but is it not a little bit obvious to kids (I don't mean 2 year olds. I mean 6+ year olds) when every aisle end has Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter hens, Easter ducks and every other animal in chocolate form displayed, and then the "Easter Bunny" comes months later and delivers chocolate eggs to their house, hiding them in a variety of locations?

Surely it's just a little bit obvious?

Or is the average child just getting dumber and confectionary companies reaping the benefits?


Miss Peregrin said...

I agree that the commercialisation of religious holidays is complete crap. But then, these religious holidays themselves are just revampings of the holidays of older(and usually pagan) religions, and I think that's just as crap. I probably shouldn't start talking, since I'm not religious in the slightest.

But jeez, all this commercialised crap makes my head spin. Christmas - Australia Day - Back to School - Easter, etc. etc. etc. I think being a clothing store we just manage to cram even more commercialised events into our repetoire. Ugh!

Vixel said...

:D I'd never thought of it that way!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Sorry Axe-y, but I LOVE that Easter is always early! Between the hot cross buns (possibly my favourite food ever - no, really - it's sad, but true! I actually look FORWARD to their arrival in stores!) and the Cadbury Creme Eggs (yuuuuuuum), I can't help myself, I LOVE IT!

5ft0 said...

I suppose businesses will see this as a great way to advertise their products before the actual Easter period.

Speaking of Easter, have you noticed ALDI stocks easter eggs all year round?

Joanne Faith said...

It's a little ridiculous. I can reason that with Christmas you might need some time to find gifts for others but when it comes to chocolate you do no one any favors by stockpiling for months.