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What is the world coming to?!

Mia Freedman's blog MamaMia has alerted me to the fact that CHILDREN and BABIES are now being photoshopped.
Seriously, what is wrong with the human race when they believe that little kids need to be retouched?


I think the really horrid part of this story is that the girls' parents have obviously agreed to this, or even in some cases, requested these major changes. If so, what is life going to be like for these young girls when they get older? Kids, girls especially have enough problems accepting themselves without their parents having their photos altered. If they're going to do that, they might as well go and book the toddlers in for plastic surgery. 


Carly said...

Wow, that's messed up. Those kids don't even look human - they look like creepy little dolls.
Wonky, gappy teeth, rosy cheeks - that's how kids are supposed to look. No one would look at the first pics & say "ew they're hideous".
And the wig on the baby in the last pic?
I agree, WTF?!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

That is just insanity on a whole new level. My god. They don't even look human!

dotie said...

is this for real?!
it's so sad to see this..they look like they had a bad plastic surgery!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

argh! they look like creepy dolls that would come to life in the middle of the night and slit your throat. horrible photoshop jobs! why why why?!

Five Foot Nothing said...

It's really sad that it has come to this. Though, I do remember that some of my school photos were airbrushed too.

That kid looks...:S

That is all.

Kez said...

WTF indeed! Apart from the obvious moral wrong in all of this, those kids look so creepy retouched! How far from reality do we have to take this?! They're innocent children!!

Suzy said...

aww each and every one of those little girls has a very rough life ahead of them if they have parents who found this necessary.

i've known parents who have photoshopped out, like, if their kid fell on the playground the day before and has a scratch on her face but this is ridiculous. and i kind of love that my brother had a fat lip (first skateboard!) in one of our holiday portraits when we were little. it's good to laugh at your idiot kid self!!

Miss Peregrin said...

This is friggin' sick. I completely agree with Sarah Hannah on the "creepy dolls" comment. They don't even look real anymore.

Katie said...

Dolls. This is madness! This makes me sad.. I understand altering the photo like the light and contrast but not to make the kids prettier just to make the photo quality better. DISGUSTING

This sets them up for bad self image futher down the line. I've heard girls in primary schools talking about diets too I live right by a primary school.

People need to set positive examples


Friend in Fashion said...

totally agree with you - this is awful!

emily said...

that is so freaking stupid. all the "after" pictures look like plastic dolls, the "befores" are way cuter. plus, ALL kids are cute!! they don't need photoshopping! grrrrr...