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Fleetwood Mac follow up

Seeing Fleetwood Mac on Tuesday night was amazing.
I can't even describe how good it was nor can I describe how much I love Stevie Nicks.

I did try and take photos but the lighting was horrible and they all came out super blurry.
But I found some elsewhere from that night so here they are:

and this one.. this was so sad.

I pretty much love Stevie Nicks ♥

photos from NicksLive


Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Aw, I'm glad you had such a good time, Alex! :)

Fleetwood Mac are legendary.

PinkBow said...

oh my friend went to see them & said they were really great too

FabBlab said...

Aw, major hearts!

the crackfox. said...

Ooh I meant to comment on your Fleetwood Mac posts earlier, but got too busy!

I saw Fleetwood Mac five years ago (on my 12th birthday), they were brilliant. Stevie Nicks is awesome, and I loved watching her and Lindsey sing together. :)

Christine McVie left even earlier than 2008 I think, because she wasn't in the 04 tour. :(

I would say 'hope you had fun at the concert', but... it's rather obvious you did, haha. x