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hello dear lovely people.

first of all, i'll apologise for being such a slack blogger! not posting on here or commenting all your wonderful blogs for over a week.

everything has been so hectic recently. i'm currently moving house and it just so happens to be the Christmas season so obviously choosing this time of year to pack up our lives was the most logical choice we've made.

hopefully the tabloids will provide me with good blogging material in these coming weeks so I have more stuff to have a whinge about.

hope you all had a beautiful Christmas, or just a beautiful week if you don't celebrate Christmas :)

it is almost new years eve! what are you all doing for the occasion?


photo by Nirrimi


Katie said...

NOT A CLUE what I'm doing for new year. Xmas was fabulous though. Moving house is never fun, gah.. But at least you can start 2010 in a new house all organized :-D x

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

shouldnt apologise for leaving the online world to like, live your life! hehehe

hating NYE this year. my best friend and my boyfriend despise each other and ive been kinda forced to choose between them. boyfriend is moving interstate in a month so i kinda want to see him! best friend has no one else, so i feel guilty. ugh. neveeerr easy.

hope you have an awesome night!