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2009 in my life.

2009 has had ups and downs and tips and turns.

Because I'm bored/in a relationship with myself, I thought I'd share with you all the (un)interesting things that happened to me in the 09'.

I finished a short course in media, meeting some amazing people; friends that I'll still be laughing with when we're 75.

Auditioned to be a presenter on the new children's television network ABC3 and failed. I thought it'd be a good idea to make my audition 'different' and 'not what people would think to do'.....all the presenters chosen had really typical video auditions. Last time I try to be clever, ever again!

Began 'shut up, vita', consequently polluting more online space with my biased opinions, whinging about politics, laughter at innocent bystanders and most importantly, my mindless bullshit.

Gained entry into university next year, studying Communications/Broadcast Journalism.

Did an internship at a magazine for teenage girls. I won't name the publication but I will say that yes, they do recycle stories. Regularly.

Was part of a sketch filmed for one of my favourite television shows. Most likely in the top 5 fun days I have had this year.

I wrote a wanky, self indulgent blog post about myself.


the wild wolves said...

Congrats on uni entry!! And I don't think you pollute online space! Your blog puts a smile on my face every time haha

Katie said...

Hehehe I enjoyed it I don't think these are uninteresting I think you're quite accomplished:) X

Miss Peregrin said...

Woo, hooray for getting into uni!

You forgot one though...having lots of people love you for polluting more online space! I know I love your mindless bullshit! :P