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maybe it's a good idea to re-read before you publish.

You can definitely tell when either a high school work experience kid has written a story, or when the sub editors were under the influence of unnamed substances..

Pay particular attention to the text in bold.

THE heavily pregnant owner of this vehicle thought her own water was going to break as she watched the family car being buried by a freak flood.

The Hyundai XL was parked in Quinns Rocks yesterday morning when a water pipe burst, sending hundreds of kilolitres of water gushing down Camira Way. 
Samantha Sandilands, 20, who is due to give birth in eight days, stared in horror as her car slowly disappeared under a torrent of rubble.

``The first thing I thought was `I hope I don't go into labour','' she said. ` ``But as long as I could get across the road, I knew I could get to the police car parked up the road and get to the hospital.

``I was really stressed and told the police I might go into labour, so they hung around and offered me a lift to the hospital if needed.

``I thought my water might have broken.''

She described it as ``a waterfall coming down the road''.

``It was similar to Bells Rapids (on the Swan River at Brigadoon),'' she said. ``We went to bed and it was still flowing.''

Her partner, Matt Young, 21, said he was woken by a policeman knocking on his door about 1am.

``I didn't know what was going on,'' he said. ``I came out and there was a wall of water down the road.

``As I got to the letterbox, I was knee-deep in water.

``I managed to wade out to the car and managed to save the baby seat out of it, that's about all we got.

``I was in complete disbelief. I did not know what to do. I was in shock.'

I think this article needs to be subbed. 

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Miss Sofia said...

Huge WTF moment reading this article.

Kez said...

Uh-oh...that's not looking good...

I wouldn't dare let my brother read this or he'd see red! He's a struggling journo who can't find work and someone's hiring THAT?!

It is quite humourous though!

Katie said...

I have trouble following this..

the crackfox. said...

Oh dear. Someone didn't think that through...

Do you mind if I follow your blog? x