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Blog award #1

The ever lovely Stacey from The Secret Life of a Retail Assistant passed this blog award onto me.. my very first one :) Thank you!

So I have to tell you 7 random facts about myself. I cannot guarantee that all/any of these facts will be interesting :D

1. I'll just get this out of the way first- I think Twilight is crap. How people can be in love with a fictional character is beyond me. 

2. I'm influenced and inspired by people such as Lisa Wilkinson, Stevie Nicks, Judith Lucy,  Jean Shrimpton, John Lennon and Kate Miller-Heidke, all for very different reasons.

3. I have the ability to do things that people assumed would never happen to anyone, e.g. I once tripped over the groove in between floor tiles. Yes, that's right. I tripped over something 2 millimetres high.

4. Deep down (or perhaps not so deep down), I'm a really big nerd for Australian Politics/Media. Yes. I do watch Question Time. Yes, I do enjoy it. 

5. Putting really ugly outfits on the mannequins at work is my greatest source of amusement. Until you try it, you have no idea how fun it is to pair a mould green top with a black+orange skirt with a fluro blue necklace. 

6. I  have a secret (now not-so-secret) desire to have Matt Preston name one of his cravats after me. People outside Australia and even some people in Australia will have no idea what that means.

7. I think birds are cute, but they take every opportunity to swoop me. Even if they are a non swooping bird, like a seagull. This is not appreciated when I am trying to look normal in important situations i.e. filming something for a television show. It is also not appreciated when the other actors and even random people walking past laugh at me. 

So now, I have to pass this blog award onto 7 other bloggers!

1. Corrine from Frock and Roll- She's always got amazing tips on everything from fashion, to buying a house, to living everyday life. She's also super sweet!

2. Juliette from  where the wild wolves dream - Juliette is the most amazing writer and produces beautiful poetry. She also has some pretty fab photos :)

3. Kez from So I Was Thinking - Great writer with analytical but fun and interesting discussions about anything and everything.

4. Tara from Gin in a Teacup-  Fashion, media issues and entertainment is all covered in immaculate detail. 

5. Dom from Stand and Deliver! - As described "The observations, reviews and interviews of Dom Romeo, professional nerd" - This blog is really well written and contains everything from comedy, to politics, to music, to literature. 

6. Suzy from Suzy Maggie - An awesome blog that covers plenty of different topics. Some nice fashion too :)

7. Sarah Hannah from Death Wears Diamond Jewellery - A lovely blog about all things fashion, entertainment and social issues.


Kez said...

Oooh, thanks for my award! What an honour. You'll have to look out for my post - will write it now...might take a couple of days. Been scheduling things. Having the weirdest creative rush lately.

the wild wolves said...

you are so so lovely :) thank you!!

Suzy said...

awww thanks dude! i don't think i've ever gotten one of these?!