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you bet i 'pimped my profile'

I really got sick of the premade blogger template that was used previous to this one I've done now.
I'm not 100% sure about the colour scheme though.. this yellowy background is slightly off-putting. I do like the patterned background though :)

And to be completely random, my brother took this photo near my house the other day. I thought it was stunning so I'll share it with all of you. It was taken on a phone though, so do excuse the imperfect photo quality.

© owned by the guy who is not as cool as his sister.


What do you guys think about this new layout? Feedback/Suggestions on improving the colour?


Lauranie said...

I like the pattern ok...I think maybe the area where your musings are needs to be either more of a paler shade, or more of "bluish/lavendar" tint??? I know..."who is this chick, and WHY is she telling me what colors I should have??!!!" Especially since I am HORRID at color-matching!

Your photo copyrite....SO funny! He is lucky to have such a cool sister!