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Top 10 Tuesday

This is going to be my attempt at having a regular segment each week, inspired by 'It's Friday' on Frock and Roll, and more recently 'WTF Wednesday' on a blog which I cannot seem to find anymore. I do feel like a dreadful human being for being unable to credit it correctly. (If you are the mastermind behind 'WTF Wednesday', do pipe up!) So yes, every Tuesday I will list my Top Ten things, people, places and experiences of the past week (as if that wasn't extremely evident by the title of this post).

10. Finding my feet in the world of blogging. 'shut up, vita' has only existed for just over a week, and I'm loving being able to write about almost anything on here. Obviously have so much to learn, but I'm very much looking forward to it and finding new wonderful blogs along the way. If anyone has any tips or pointers for blogging, do let me know :)

9. Organising weekend trips to Sydney, 3 months in advance. I make it sound like I live far away from Sydney when it's only about an hour or so drive. Nevertheless, a friend and I are making the pilgrimage to the city with the coat hanger for a 2 day festival on Cockatoo Island in the Harbour. Much excitement there for this little expedition.

8. Tuna and Avocado Sushi with Coke Zero. This is the best combination of food and is relatively healthy, aside from all the dodgy chemicals in Coke Zero. Non sushi eaters, I demand that you try Tuna & Avocado sushi. It is amazingly delicious. I know that seaweed is a turn off but I promise you can't taste it, otherwise I wouldn't eat it. I actually look forward to my break at work purely on the basis of going to get sushi. No life? Yeah.

7. Family members getting Facebook. I'm not referring to young family members either. As of this week, my aunty and uncle (who are well into their 50's!) have created Facebook profiles. I don't see them all that often, one lives in another state and the other one is always busy, so it's awesome to have an easy means of communication. The general consensus I've received from friends is "OMG, What if they read what you've been saying to your friends?!?". I tend to not post anything on Facebook that I wouldn't want read by anyone, let alone family, or if I do post it then I private message the person. Most of my family is on Facebook now... just waiting for my 83 year old Grandmother to jump on the bandwagon!

6. The wonderful work of
My Mama Made It
. This blogger is a genius. Her little clothing creations are absolutely divine. From what I could see, she doesn't reside in Australia which is most unfortunate. It would be wonderful if she sold her pieces online. She also posts sewing tutorials, so any keen seamstresses should check it out.

5. Concert For George. This is basically a live concert held in 2001 on the one year anniversary of the death of musician George Harrison. All these amazing musicians (Eric Clapton, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Paul McCartney, Jeff Lynne, Ringo Starr and Joe Brown to just name a few) came together to celebrate his life and music. I've been mainly listening to the audio version on iTunes but I went and pulled out my DVD of it the other day. It is the most amazing music performance I've ever seen. Everyone should look it up on YouTube and watch one or two songs, it's fantastic.

4. Having secret little fantasies. Get your minds out of the gutter, this is a PG Rated blog thank you very much! As most of the Australian readers would know (I love that I say "Australian readers" as if this is a well read blog across many international cultures), Kyle Sandilands was removed from his judging positition on Australian Idol following the 14 year old girl rape scandal on the Kyle & Jackie O show, aired on 2DayFM radio. As the Idol auditions were filmed long before his removal of the show, I had this sneaky little longing inside of me that Kyle's face would be blurred out so that Australian Idol could stick to their guns in a more thorough fashion.

3. MSN Conversations with nice people until 2am in the morning. The past week or two, I think I've been up till around 1.30-2am about 4 or 5 times chatting away on MSN with one or two lovely individuals. Topics of conversation include why my hair takes so long to dry and the consequences of it being wet, the most fabulous children's television programs from the 1990's (The Secret World of Alex Mack, Round the Twist & Johnson and Friends, anyone?!?), My super ability to set off fire alarms by having a shower or simply looking at them and the crazy energy drinks which can be purchased in Amsterdam.

2. Receiving my university acceptance letter. Okay so this was around 2 weeks ago, but I am posting it now because 'shut up, vita' didn't exist 2 weeks ago. As of 2010, I will finally be pursuing my lifelong dream (this is actually not an exaggeration) of becoming a journalist. I am not sure why I am looking so much forward to life existing of textbooks, 2 minute noodles every day, sleepless nights and an impoverish lifestyle. One way or another, I can't wait!

1. Receiving the news that one Judith Lucy will now be a regular guest on Rove, replacing Dave Hughes who has gone to The 7pm Project. As a ridiculously huge fan of the wonderful comic work Judith unleashes on Australia, I am incredibly excited at the prospect of having Judith on my television screen at least once a fortnight. It will be the epitome of excellence. Any readers who have not heard of the comedic genius that is Judith Lucy, I demand that you YouTube her at once. It will be the best thing you ever did.


What's something great you've experienced this week that made you smile?

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Miss Peregrin said...

Good luck with journalism! I actually started out doing a journalism degree at uni, but it wasn't what I expected. These days I'd love to go back and give it another try though.

PS. I totally share your secret little Kyle Sandilands fantasy. Although I personally wish his face could be airbrushed out of everyday life. :)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

Alex Mack wears a hat! awesome show.

juliette said...

On the note of amazing 90s children shows, I discuss this constantly with my friends! Oakie Doke?

A. said...

Oakie Doke was my favourite!
I always wanted a treehouse with a slide that went all around the trunk :)