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a street cat got him by morning

I've decided that I have a problem with day time television programs. (Except for The Ellen Degeneres Show and Judge Judy because they are fantastic).

There's basically only two shows I cannot stand and they are

Ready Steady Cook

and Huey's Cooking Adventures.

My reasoning behind the strong dislike of said programs is fairly weak.

The host of Ready Steady Cook, Peter Everett, is really annoying and gets in the way of the chefs, all.the.time.

Huey's Cooking Adventures is just annoying because of the usage of the word 'Adventures'.
If he was cooking on top of a mountain that he climbed by himself with all the cooking utensils on his back, yeah then I'd say it's an adventure. But cooking in a park (or more commonly seen, just in a kitchen) does not justify the term 'Adventures'.


juliette said...

haha i watch daytime shows ALL day when i'm home sick. it's ridiculous. the only thing i love about Ready Steady Cook is that it makes me realise that i can't be as frustrating as a person as Peter Everett. and that makes me somewhat pleased.

Kez said...

haha, any time I hear the Ready Steady Cook theme music I shudder.

Also, Huey sometimes makes the most disgusting stuff! I think he thinks that if he's in an outdoor setting then his show is's not!

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

Heuy creeps me out! He fingers all the food with his swollen, sausage like hands and it turns me off so bad.

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Oh my god, I LOVE 'Huey's Cooking Adventures'! But only because it's so appallingly bad! He frequently forgets what he was saying, doesn't follow his recipes properly and often makes jokes SO lame, you can't help but laugh.. aww. I think he's cute :D But as for 'Ready Steady Cook'? 100% with you on that one! Who decided that a somewhat stressful cooking environment + Peter Everett were a good mix? :p

Tree Castles said...

haha this made me laugh :)
thank you for the comment, by the way. i'm glad you liked the poem.