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I heart Fiona O'Loughlin

Well the media seems to have moved from Lara Bingle & Michael Clarke to the latest "drama"- comedian Fiona O'Loughlin calling Bindi Irwin 'creepy' and 'a freakshow' on television program 'Spicks and Specks'. 

This is just another thing that the media needs to calm down about. Sure, Bindi is a child, but for goodness sake, if they didn't want her to get upset well then maybe they shouldn't have splashed it all over every headline. If the media didn't make a big deal out of it, the Irwin's probably would never have found out about it. 

Bindi is in the public eye. She is going to cop criticism every single day of her life. 
What Fiona said wasn't that bad, and I think she was pretty spot on with her impersonation. Bindi Irwin is a bizarre sort of child.

Bindi does carry on in such a manner that is way too over the top and this isn't her fault, but it's how she's been modelled for a life on television and in the public eye. What do her management and family expect? Of course people are going to point this out and make a joke out of it.

Also, this was aired on Wednesday night and the media only caught wind of it today, on Friday? It must be a slow news day.

And to all the media outlets that keep bringing up and comparing this The Eulogy Song that was performed on The Chaser's War on Everything in 2007- That was THREE years ago and it was awesome so shut up. 

Opinions? x


Kez said...

It's true - the child is creepy. However, I do feel sorry because it's not her fault.
She's been modelled into a child that reminds you of a scary doll that comes to life at night Chucky Style...
Just sayin'. Man, I'm glad I don't have any fame or life in the public eye...the things I'd get crucified for saying!!!!

5ft0 said...

I agree with Fiona, Bindi Irwin does give me the creeps.

I feel that people are more sensitive these days, you can't even get away with a joke anymore.

Just having looked though some GNW shows in the 90s and it just reminded me how much stuff we could've gotten away with then.

Is it to do with the media laws imposed by the Howard government in the late 90s/early 2000s?

People should really understand a situation before they jump in and start rambling on about it.

Vita said...

Was this a news story ? ahaha what paper was it
umm aren't we involved in two wars? haha

oh well
here's death in a clip

Steph Bowe said...

Bindi Irwin is creepy, and I think Fiona O'Loughlin has the right to free speech. Definitely a slow news day.

I feel sorry for Bindi Irwin though - it seems like she's being deprived of a childhood, and growing up in the spotlight is rarely a good thing. (And being modeled into a mini-me of your father is never a good thing.)

Ncc Tardis said...

I'm sick of this kind of crap making news, next thing you know, Alan Jones and Ray Hadley will be calling for Spicks and Specks to be banned, and the ABC will bend over and do whatever they're told.

So I'll just leave it at:

Go Fiona, the kid is one hell of a creep, and ffs, she's a comedienne, she's not allowed to make jokes?

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

but its all true! Bindi IS creepy!!!! worse things have been said about child actors before, no idea why this is all over the place today. i think she's someone Australia loves to hate. if that makes sense?

in any case, i think Bindi Irwin is more of a household name than Fiona McWhoever so I doubt her people care much