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photoshop strikes again- version: Madonna for Louis Vuitton.

Whilst viewing these photographs, do keep in mind that Madonna is 51 years old.

It really showcases how much editing does go into one photo shoot and how unnatural the whole industry is.


Well done, Louis Vuitton. 

images via MamaMia


the crackfox. said...

Is it just me, or is the whole area around her face/the rabbit ears slightly mind warping? It looks like it's gone into negative. Even more Photoshop fail...

pinkapplecore said...

I can't stand that much use of photo shop. If they have to, for the most part, re make you it's not you anymore.

Sigh but I bet this made her feel better, It's kind of like when a person gets their senior photos now and the studio has photo shopped their acne out of it.